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Get stronger in handstands by practicing the L-shape at the wall!

Hey yogis, a lot of you have been asking me for tutorials on handstands. While I can do them, they are still very challenging for me and it took me years to build up enough strength to get into them! I’m still not at all an expert. There are lots of different ways of building upper body strength and practicing handstands. In this 5 minute yoga tutorial, I’ll show you how to do an L-Shape at the wall to get into handstand.

If you want to get good at this inversion, practicing the L-shape every day is an amazing way to get you there. There are lots of other exercises you can do that will help you master your handstands. If you’d like to know what those are, leave me a comment below and I’d be happy to film it for you.

Enjoy this 5 minute drill and get ready to work on your shoulders, core and arms.

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Kassandra Reinhardt is an Ottawa-based yoga teacher and one of the world’s leading online yin yoga instructors. Her “Yoga with...


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