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Enjoy this 10 min guided affirmation meditation taking you through the chakras.

Hi yogis, today I’m offering you a guided chakra meditation that will use affirmations to help you connect with these energy centers. All you need to do is internally repeat the affirmations internally as you hear them and notice how they make you feel. I would encourage you to journal about your experience at the end!

This meditation is great for beginners and can help you find energetic balance and healing.

I am safe, grounded and stable. My roots run deep.
I allow myself to experience pleasure, my power lies in my sensitivity.
I am powerful beyond measure. I accept myself fully.
As I learn to love and accept myself, I also learn to love and accept others.
My voice deserves to be heard. I listen with compassion.
I am in touch with my inner guidance, I trust my intuition.
I am connected to the infinite wisdom of the universe.

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