Settle into bed and soothe your mind and body with breath…

One of my favorite ways to settle in at night and prepare for deep, restful sleep is to practice pranayama while I am in bed. Regulating your breath can clear your energy, release tension and tightness throughout the body, help you settle into your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and heal), and slow your mind and body down in preparation for sleep.

Join me for this 10 minutes guided breath practice – perfect for in bed or right before bed to soothe and calm. Includes breath awareness, vishama vritti and 4/7/8 breathing practices.

Thank you for practicing with me today and I look forward to practicing with you again very soon!

Peace & Namaste,

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*Disclaimer – The Yoga Ranger Studio (with Aprille Walker)
Please consult your physician before engaging in any exercise or exercise program or using supplementary products and always use caution when engaging in any activity or using any product or information provided by this video. The information given in this video is opinion and only opinion. By voluntarily participating in this exercise program or using the information provided, you assume all risk of injury to yourself and release and discharge The Yoga Ranger Studio or Aprille Walker from all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising from use of this video or information therein.


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