Ease neck and shoulder tension with gentle movements, using just a towel! We can use the towel to assist movement at the shoulders and neck, so that we can restore mobility.

Enjoy the video!

Lots of love,

๐Ÿ’ฎ Learn more about my online membership: Ease. http://www.beayogawellbeing.com/membership
This is a membership specifically for those who suffer from chronic tension, aches and stress. Each month you will receive new videos between 30 and 75 minutes, a mindfulness challenge, a new music playlist and journaling prompts to keep track of how you are feeling day to day.

I cannot wait to welcome you to the Ease community!


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Beatrice is an experienced Yoga Teacher and Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist at Bea Yoga + Wellbeing. She helps people manage...


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