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Hey yogis, I’ve been getting a lot of requests to add more meditation to my channel so I wanted to start with a very simple 5 minute meditation that’s great for beginners.

Meditation can be intimidating at first and it’s often quite hard to quiet down our mind. I find the mantra meditation to be an excellent technique for inner stillness. All you’ll need to do is sit or lay down, breathe mindfully and internally repeat the mantra “So Hum” which roughly translates to “I Am That”. This is an opportunity for the ego to dissolve, creating internal space and inner peace.

It’s only 5 minutes long and can be done as a morning meditation or an evening meditation. Once you get comfortable with this technique you can increase the length and even choose a different mantra to work with.

Please let me know if you’d like to see more meditation on my channel, I’d be happy to introduce you to other techniques that have worked for me.

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Kassandra Reinhardt is an Ottawa-based yoga teacher and one of the world’s leading online yin yoga instructors. Her “Yoga with...


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