Very Soon Things Will Change On The Planet…

Very Soon Things Will Change On The Planet

Right Now Money Controls the World, But Soon Spirituality Will Take Over

There’s no freedom of any kind if money controls everything. Truth, Love, and Peace are the most important aspects of being human. But right now all of that is being subverted… But Not for Long!

People are Waking Up

There are people from all walks of life who are waking up… and understanding that life could be amazing on this planet if money were taken out of the equation.

We Could Have Free Energy

Even with the technology we have now… we could create enough electricity in the US to give free energy to everyone.

We Could End Climate Change

Even with the technology we have now… we could reverse climate change and put an end to the greenhouse gas effect on planet earth.

We Could Feed All the People of the World

Even with the technology and the practices of organic farmers we have now… could feed every single person on the planet. We could put an end to the 40,000 children starving every single day.

Our Children Understand

Children around the world are awakening, they understand what’s happening… and they know without a doubt that this great awakening will take place.

They will not step back,

They will not stand still,

And they will not change their course!

All of This is Coming Very Soon

For Love is God,

Peace is God,

Truth is God,

And There is No Way to Stop This Movement.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider


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