Venus Transit 2021

The Venus Transit period lasts for regarding twentythree days, i.e. it remains in one zodiac for twenty three days so transits into the another house. Venus Transit provides totally different leads to different aspects and affects the physical, social and marriage lifetime of someone.

See your Venus Transit 2021.

Importance of Venus in Astrology

Venus is taken into account because the sister planet to Earth. Considered the second planet from Sun, Venus is little smaller than Earth. It’s usually named as twin planet. Venus takes 225 Earth days to form one revolution round the Sun. The earth has volcanoes and is very hot in range 450°C.

Venus is termed as Shukr in Hindi. The day, Shukrawar or Friday is named after Venus. In French it’s referred to Vendredi; in Italian – Venerdi; in German – Freitag; in Spanish – Vierne. In astrology, color of the Venus is white. Through telescope, Venus seems yellowish-brown-white. Venus is female in nature. The crystal representing this planet is diamond. Venus rules over the Taurus and Libra within the Zodiac and 2nd and seventh House. Venus is commonly named as the god of affection.

Words related to Venus may be wealth, the values, the music, the beauty, the bonding energy, the love, the feeling of sense of affiliation, the spouse, the mother’s love, the creativity, the marriage, the connection, the arts, the dedication, the media, the fashion, the painting etc.

Venus transit 2021.

Venus is the symbol of beauty, the love, the marital harmony and the fertility. It plays a very important role in deciding the believe of all signs of the astrology. Whereas Venus has a powerful result on the sunsigns like Taurus and Libra, they continue to be debilitated in the Virgo. That being mentioned, once the venus transits from the one sign to another, it depicts attainable changes that have an effect on our lives within the future.


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