Venus In Sagittarius On Nov. 1 To 26, 2019…

Venus In Sagittarius On Nov. 1 To 26, 2019

Vortex readings are energy reports explaining how the planets are affecting reality in general, and your body in particular. Each transit poses specific challenges to overcome and these reports share how to handle them best.

The Venus vortex is located in the throat. It links us to the ether, communication, and expression to name a few. When Venus enters into a new sign, it affects how the Venus vortex will respond.

Sagittarius is the host of the galactic center of the Milky Way, which is a huge black hole that everything rotates around. So what can we expect with Venus in Sagittarius? Perhaps you have that placement or are in a relationship with someone who has this configuration and needs some insight. With Venus in Sagittarius, we are asked to grow our expressive qualities out of animal nature. What does this mean? Well, sometimes we find ourselves coming off as an animal, almost talking like a gorilla or being shy like a deer. With this transit, we will be gently pushed to overcome introversion and selfish animal-like desires.

From an emotional standpoint

When talking about the Venus vortex, we need to be aware of apathy, indifference, unconcern, and dullness. Especially in light of its transit through Sagittarius, it could send waves of self-importance out into the cosmos making people just trample over each other without watching where they step. If you feel like people are walking all over you, then just check and see where you are walking all over others before you get victimized.

Venus can be extremely self-absorbed and can lead us into talking about ourselves and having false pride in our experiences.

Sagittarius in every birth chart shows how we are questioned by the people around us. The sign reveals how we are unaware of anything that is different from ourselves. Because the Venus vortex is responsible for our telepathic abilities, we may find that we are in touch with things that are seemingly different than what we are used to, even in thought.

On a mental level

The Venus vortex is gaining confidence whilst transiting Sagittarius. We will feel asked to develop a sense of adventure and journey into new paths. Ideas that we are “not enough” or inadequate may surface, but we can use the intellectual power available from Sagittarius and Venus to guide us on our path, which is unique and necessary. Venus also bestows us with the ability to convert ideas into symbols so that we can begin the manifestation process. While in Sagittarius, we will find that we can give our ideas/images for others to read.

On the physical plane

The Venus vortex is expanding under the influence of Sagittarius. We need to control any tactless approach and really think things through before we go full force. It can bring a bit of sloppiness to our expression and creativity. At its extreme, this brings up hearing issues and stiff necks. So massaging with essential oils will help rub out stagnant flows.

Sagittarius enhances the manipulative powers of Venus who wants her way to the point that she will ghost whatever she fails to get. We will be asked to resolve our co-dependencies with others that make us feel bigger than life.


Eat fruit from any of these countries: Panama, Barbados, Yemen, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Macao. Wear some Rose Quartz which is ruled by Venus and Lapis Lazuli which is ruled by Sagittarius. Vortex readings are based on Dash Astrology, which is a revolutionary system of archetypes, free of ethnic influences that illuminate soul patterns and the interface between cosmic and physical realities.


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