Vedic Astrology Jan 5: SOLAR ECLIPSE – Redefine 2019…

Vedic Astrology Jan 5: SOLAR ECLIPSE – Redefine 2019

Ready to change the game? The solar eclipse of Jan 5 (5:28 pm PT) starts the year off with a transformative bang. 2019 may be a year like no other for redefining future vision, while making groundbreaking progress toward sustainable and positive change.

Though not visible in most areas of the world, the impact of this solar eclipse will nevertheless be potent. A solar eclipse is an omen of change that can be felt for months (sometimes even years) to come. How it affects you on an individual level depends on how it transits your birth chart.

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The solar eclipse will be in Purva Ashadha, an area of the sky situated in the constellation of the archer, Sagittarius, whose arrows shoot to high vision and future goals.

Translated as “early victory,” Purva Ashadha is symbolized by an elephant tusk, and connected to the Hindu god, Ganesha, who is revered as the “Remover of Obstacles.” It is said that under the influence of these stars, one can never accept defeat.

Expansive Jupiter and assertive Mars are in an energetic alignment (parivartana) until February 5, fueling philanthropic ideas, higher education, and physical activities like sports and yoga. This is a powerful month to get focused on health goals and invigorate your life with daily doses of exercise and positive thinking.

But take heed, heavy Saturn is closely aligned with Purva Ashadha on this solar eclipse. The karmic taskmaster will have a contracting influence on over-zealous intentions at this time, especially if they are not grounded in careful planning.

Purva Ashadha is symbolized by a winnowing basket, an ancient tool used to refine grain that requires great patience and composure. Tremendous improvement can happen now if you are ready to simplify things. Prune back what is unnecessary and focus on the task at hand.

Real improvement and expansion often comes from cutting away distractions and excess work in order to cultivate what truly nourishes us.

Saturn’s alignment with the nodal eclipse axis (Ketu-Rahu) will continue through 2019, making this a year for awakening to alternative pathways.  Old beliefs and karmic patterns can unravel at an accelerated speed this year, as surprising new doorways to awareness open.


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