Using Your 6 Senses To Ignite Your Creative Power, Pt: 2…

Using Your 6 Senses To Ignite Your Creative Power, Pt: 2

4) Can You Feel Me?

Our sense of touch is “the interface between our bodies and the outside world. ” We use our sense of touch to connect with people, to gather information, to process emotions and to feel physical and non-physical sensations. When we work with tools like healing crystals, our sense of touch can go even further, and when channeling creativity, we can employ our sense of touch to connect with creative frequencies all around us.

I love using crystals when I consider my sense of touch, both because of their healing qualities, but also because they vary so much in color and texture and vibes that they serve as good reminders of touch, while also serving to inspire, guide, heal and protect the user. Specifically, for creative purposes, I love using:

  • Citrine – This stone is considered to be one “of joy and abundance.” Ancient wisdom tells that it “helps you to interact creatively with the world and promotes inner calm.”
  • Rose quartz – This is the stone of love, and I like to include it in my artistic practices because I believe to fully bloom as a creative, you must learn to really love yourself. I keep a rose quartz point close to me as a reminder to approach all encounters and circumstances with love, and to treat myself and my art with that same kindness and love.
  • Pyrite – Pyrite is said to be “the ultimate symbol of wealth and good luck.” It promotes higher wisdom, the realization of dreams and invokes the themes of divine guidance and sacred geometry.
  • Smokey quartz – I adore smoky quartz and frequently carry it on me as it is said to dispel and ward off negative energies – cause let’s get real, when we’re trying to create art, the last thing we need is all the chatter from the nay-sayers and negative Nancies! Be gone, haters!
  • Amethyst – Last but not least is my current go-to stone, amethyst. Said to carry “the energy of fire and passion, creativity and spirituality,” this is also a stone to enhance psychic abilities, calm the user, decrease anxiety, assist with sobriety and ensure smooth travels.

To choose your preferred crystals for creativity, I would suggest visiting your local rock hound hangout or cast a few online searches to see what might interest you depending on what you hope to channel, then actually touch a few crystals before selecting the ones that speak to you. I sometimes place my crystals on my third eye as meditation tools, around the house as enlightened decor, or hold in my hands in intervals as I create my art.

5) See the light

Evidence dating back at least 2,000 years shows that ancient cultures employed the use of color and light therapies, yet many of these techniques have been lost in modern society. Even psychiatrist and thought leader Carl Jung was a believer in art therapy, and he advised his patients to use color as a means of self-expression to dive deeper into their shadow selves.

Yet, while we can all basically acknowledge that cycles of lightness and darkness affect everything on earth, most of us don’t incorporate color and light therapy into our daily artistic routines.

Here are a few ways to use your sight as a means by which to trigger your creativity, beyond just viewing your subject and your art:

  • Living the moonshine and the sunshine – Not only can you sync your creative cycles to the phases of the moon, but just getting outside and basking in nature’s light rays can activate your inner creative genius. As an added creativity booster, immersing yourself in nature can be one of the most effective tools to annihilate artistic blocks. For me, even a short walk with my dogs outside can do the trick, but even better, find a local group of like-minded spirits to celebrate celestial events with and you can learn even more specific ways to align your creative process with the universal energies of the sun, moon and stars!
  • Orange you glad – Some cultures consider orange to be the color of happiness, creativity, and feelings. I also personally love bright oranges and yellows as they remind me of rays of the sun. Beyond that, orange is the color of the sacral chakra, located in the pelvic region, which is not only responsible for human creativity in the form of the reproductive system, but also said to be the place where we connect with our inner voices to find our bliss. One way to channel your inner orange is to close your eyes and imagine yourself basked in a bright orange light that begins at your feet and moves its way slowly up around your body until it is covering your physical being and your aura. Guided meditations to clear your chakras using color imagery can also be a great tool for opening up your inner orangista!
  • Ultraviolet rays – Just like Pantone’s choice for color of the year for 2018, I’ve found ultraviolet to be the theme of my creativity this year. Said to be “inventive and imaginative, Ultraviolet lights the way to what is yet to come.” But it doesn’t stop there. Ultraviolet is also said to represent, “experimentation and non-conformity, spurring individuals to imagine their unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets” and is known to be a spiritual and royal color, “often associated with mindfulness practices, which offer a higher ground to those seeking refuge from today’s over-stimulated world.” I’ve personally been incorporating purple in all facets of my life this year, from the aforementioned blueberries and amethyst crystals to wearing more purple and even adding a little purple tone to the tips of my hair, but if you want a little less drastic hint of ultraviolet in your practice. I would suggest adding some purples to your art or even just closing your eyes and envisioning subtle and calming lavender rays moving around your body and wrapping you in a shroud of blissful creative mystery. You could also grab some cool amethyst crystals to don your zen den while you create. For those of you interested in a guided meditation, I love this Bob Proctor meditation filled with lots of juicy and positively purple vibes.

6) The Sixth Sense: Intuition

Last, but not the least, this is perhaps both the most important and the most difficult sense to actively trigger for many of us creative peeps. Intuition can involve feeling emotions, listening to your gut and understanding that you have to get out of your head to listen to your heart (which actually has been shown to emit a frequency 60 times greater than that from than your brain).

Abraham Hicks explains, “You were born with sensitive, evolved, sophisticated translators of vibrations that help you understand and define your experience. And in the same way that you utilize your five physical senses to interpret your physical life experience, you were born with other sensors — your emotions — which are further vibrational interpreters that help you understand, in the moment, the experiences that you are living.”

So that means that “by using your heart as your compass, you can see more clearly which direction to go to stop self-defeating behavior” and thus “developing the capacity to freely experience the range of human emotions with resilience and compassion gives way to magic.” [35]

As children, we are born with souls that already know the answers, yet it is often through years of misguided and often traumatic conditioning that we begin to question our inner compasses and spend more time agonizing in our heads than acting with our hearts. The best ways I know to combat this are to:

  • Shut it out – Focus on listening to yourself instead of everyone else around you. As well-intended as they may be, all of the people around you may not understand your journey, nor will they know the right path to take to your destination. Focus on your own inner voice instead of all of those around you. This also often means shutting out the sometimes self-deprecating voice of your ego, which may be repeating old unhealthy scripts from your past because it fears the unknown and will fight to keep the status quo as an evolutionary protection mechanism.
  • Get quiet – Meditation is one of the simplest and strongest tools you can use to tap into your inner wisdom. I would suggest incorporating a meditation practice into your daily routine for at least 10 minutes every day, and I’m sure you’ll experience results after doing so for a while. Eventually, you will begin to access the answers in your heart with greater ease and become more confident in following the lead of yourself and the creative universe, as they are one in the same. So you can relax knowing that all you’ve got to do is shut your mouth and keep the faith!
  • Write it down – Journaling is another incredibly effective tool for connecting with your inner wisdom. I try to free-write at least 3 pages every day so I can get my stressors down on paper and out of my body. I jot down plans to make my huge dreams become realities, and create ways records for myself to stay accountable and on the right path to my goals. It’s amazing how the epiphanies that arise during my meditation and journaling times often lead to huge breakthroughs and transformations in my life!

Go with the Sensory Flow

When you begin using all of the tools at your disposal to ignite your creativity, not only will your art flourish, but you will manifest all the feels in your life. When you begin thinking in terms of mind, body, spirit, and art as interconnected tools to create whatever you desire, you’ll also create a greater sense of peace and balance in your life. Nature’s bounty is limitless, so never stop exploring all of the amazing tricks and treats that are just a sensory revelation away. Allow yourself to be curious, non-critical and to just go with the sensory flow and you’ll tap into deeper creative outlets that you never imagined!


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