Using Plant Therapy To Balance Your Energy…

Using Plant Therapy To Balance Your Energy

Personal energy has become more of a worldwide conversation than ever before. People seek this energy to find stability in their lives and learn more about themselves, but they don’t always know how to do that.

This energy, also known as the chakra system in Hindu philosophy, is the key to improved healing and peace. People use yoga and meditation to access their chakras, but they don’t know that they can use plants to do the same thing at home.

Read on to learn more about using plant therapy to balance your energy. Once you know how to use plants to find more peace within your chakra system, you’ll understand the importance of finding new ways to keep your energies open and moving freely.

1. The Sacral Chakra

During some phases of life, you might find yourself struggling with your creativity, sexuality or emotional instability. This often happens when you’re dealing with change or even addiction. A specialist would note that your sacral chakra might be blocked, which is the energy located below your navel.

The sacral chakra deals with sensuality, creativity, and attention in both men and women. Some herbs can help unblock this vital energy. Try using calendula or gardenia to soothe your spirit and promote positive energy flow.

2. The Root Chakra

Like the term refers to, your root chakra is at the base of your spine and helps connect you with the earth. The planet has everything you need for nourishment, so when the root chakra becomes blocked, you may feel spiritual toxins like depression, immune system failure or rectum issues.

Sip dandelion tea to reduce your oxidated stress and gently purge toxins from your body. This will help ease symptoms of depression and high blood pressure, along with eating plants like radishes and onions to calm your spirit.

3. The Heart Chakra

When you feel consumed by anger, grief or hatred, you may have an imbalance in your heart chakra. Your heart promotes healing and growth for everything in your body, so it’s connected to your ability to love and feel compassion.

Help your heart chakra with cilantro, which is also known as the coriander leaf. Studies have shown that it lowers your cholesterol levels and helps your heart grow stronger. As this chakra has a healing environment to thrive, you’ll feel your inner peace return.

Another common effect of blocked heart chakras is circulatory issues. When your heart can’t pump efficiently, you may find it difficult to breathe. Encourage clean oxygen to flow through your body when you grow simple air-purifying plants and allow them to purify the air in your home.

4. The Solar Plexus

If you’re struggling with self-control and doubt, you may need to pay attention to your solar plexus. It’s the chakra that balances emotions like anxiety and fear while encouraging personal growth.

The longer your solar plexus remains blocked, the more likely you are to develop conditions like ulcers, kidney issues, and poor digestion. Encourage this energy to flourish just above your navel by using plants like rosemary and turmeric. They aid digestion and allow for proper digestion, balancing your solar plexus.

5. The Third Eye

Your third eye is crucial to maintaining your intuition. It’s the chakra that emanates from your forehead and creates a clear perception through which you can make better decisions. When it’s blocked, you may feel more judgemental, experience headaches and feel dismissive of your instincts.

When you need to balance your third eye chakra, drink mint tea or put mint in some of your most frequent meals. Even placing peppermint oil on your skin will relieve blocked-energy symptoms like headaches and mental fog, so use all-natural mint to alleviate your third eye chakra.

6. The Throat Chakra

Do you ever feel like you can’t communicate clearly with someone in a conversation? It may be because you have a block in your throat chakra. This energy aids communication by encouraging self-expression and truth. The longer this chakra remains obstructed, you may experience anxiety and thyroid issues.

The licorice herb supports the adrenal system, which aids the thyroid. It naturally increases your cortisol levels to lengthen the cortisol’s hormonal lifespan and decrease anxiety symptoms. See if you enjoy licorice tea or mix it in aloe vera for a topical treatment that encourages the flow of your throat chakra.

7. The Crown Chakra

Your physical body and conscious mind meet at your crown chakra at the top of your head. This energy makes spiritual growth possible and connects you to the universe, so you depend less on materialism. When it’s not flowing as it should, you may feel out of sorts or disconnected from your loved ones. You could also depend more on material objects to give you a sense of peace or joy.

Focus on cleansing your crown chakra with lavender flowers. Using these flowers in tea or as a topical oil heals the nervous system and cognitive impairment, clearing your mind for positive energy.

Assess Your Well-Being

The only way to know which chakra is blocked and how to help yourself is to assess your well-being. Figure out how your physical body feels every day and check in with your spirit. Once you know the symptoms you’re experiencing, you can narrow down which chakras need cleansing and use plant therapies to balance your energy.


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