Using EFT Meridian Tapping For Stress Relief & Anxiety…

Using EFT Meridian Tapping For Stress Relief & Anxiety

What is EFT Meridian Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Technique is the emotional version of acupuncture without the needles. It is a mixture of Chinese acupressure, neuroscience and positive psychology. EFT it is a revolutionary process for healing emotions. You can make enormous strides by introducing EFT into your therapy for healing both emotional and physical distress, as well as many other things.

Think about some of the emotional distress/issues we go through in life such as, death, break ups, addictions, phobias, etc.. Ask yourself, how do you ever truly heal from that? The answer is we don’t and the reason is that we alone, do not know how. We tend to bury our emotions and move on or we focus so much on the negative experience that we cause ourselves pain and grief. After awhile this pain and grief results in physical ailments. We believe that trying to forget the pain will make it eventually disappear, and in time it does, but then we are not truly healing those emotions. When we suppressed emotions this causes our energy system to be disrupted resulting in our body feeling pain, discomfort and illness.

How EFT Works

By using acupressure points that flow on the Meridians, which are pathways for the energy that keeps our body alive! We tap on these Meridians to balance the body’s energy system. Emotions run on that energy system. EFT has provided thousands of people with relief from pain, diseases, and emotional issues. Any blockages in this system may be caused by stress, bad diet, drug or alcohol abuse, injury, trauma, etc. and can be related to the cause of all health issues. It is strongly believed that this energy flow conditions our overall existence; how we think, how we feel, how our body moves.

They are the energy network of the body; the lines are the channels by which our energy flows, thus transporting said energy throughout the body. Our life energy, also known as Chi, distributed by these channels is not exactly a physical system like the circulatory system, it is better understood as being a process as opposed to a structure. This process is studied by Chinese medicine practitioners as intently as a western doctor would have to study the anatomy of the human body.

Benefits of EFT

We can use this technique to treat the following:

Trauma -
Weight Loss- 
Self Esteem Issues 
Forgiveness – 
Acceptance of self, others and circumstance 
- Stress 
Pain Management- 
Obsessions – 
Anger & Rage -
Negative or Destructive Behaviour & more!

In my personal experience, I have used EFT for my phobia of snakes, public speaking, forgiveness, self-acceptance and others as well as cravings. It works. What is required of you is to be open-minded and trust that EFT will work for you. Here I am sharing a photo of me with a snake after using EFT to eliminate my phobia!


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