Using 20/20 Vision In The New Year…

Using 20/20 Vision In The New Year

Our ability to see is only partially connected to the strength of our eyes. The power of our sight comes with our ability to have a broad and open perspective.

I am not one for making New Years’ resolutions; however, I am optimistic about the coming year. Along with ending the turbulent ‘teens,’ we are starting a new decade that brings with it feelings of change. 2020 is filled with possibilities of 20/20 vision.

With this new decade, we have an opportunity for a fresh start and renewed clarity. Letting go of what no longer serves our lives comes from taking a long and in-depth look at where we have been.

With honest eyes, we can access our accomplishments and reaccess our setbacks.

Our ability to see ourselves and examine our choices without judgment allows us to step forward with a clearer understanding of where we are heading. To do so, learning to see may take work.

Living in cities, our sightline becomes shortened. Stopped by tall buildings, the distance our eyes see lessens, and our depth of ‘seeing’ becomes shallow. Our eyes become accustomed to focusing on what is only in front of us creating tunnel vision.

Spending time somewhere where our views are unobstructed: from atop a vista, a precipice overlooking a valley or gazing at the horizon over the ocean, anywhere where the view is open and vast. opens our horizons. Not only do we exercise the muscles in our eyes, but we also open our minds to ‘seeing.’

Eastern medicine practices define our health as a balance of mind, body, and spirit. And it holds with our eyes. Our eyes are not just to take in visual input but also to pierce the veil of possibilities. To see a new reality is the first step to manifesting it.

The hazard of tunnel vision is expressed by the idiom ‘One cannot see the forest for the trees’, which John Heywood was documented saying in 1546. It clearly illustrates getting caught in the minutia, the detail, and failing to see the whole picture.

Commonly we get caught up in one perspective, our perspective and fail to see other points of view. With the help of eagle eyes, we can see the whole picture: where we have been and where we are heading. Combined with patience, courage, and suppleness of mind, we will emerge with a renewed excitement for the coming year with 20/20 vision.

Three Let Go’s for 20/20 Vision

Let go of mental anguish and anxiety about what was, making room only for the essentials of what is and the manifestation of what will be.

Let go of the need to overdo. Less can be more.

Let go of your need to fill your space with stuff. Because you have room does not mean you need to fill it with things. Instead bring in gratitude, love, and embrace spending time with those who bring you joy.

 With 20/20 Vision we can Let go of who we were to become who we are becoming.  Go forth and make 2020 the best year so far!


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