How To Use A Yantra

What is a Yantra?

Yantras are probably one of the most popular forms of art in the east.

It’s hard not to notice them: their striking designs always catch the eye and seem to pull you in.

Yantras have been around almost as long as Hinduism itself, and have played an important role in the formation of spiritual practices. This is because practitioners embrace the concept of becoming one with the universe- the ultimate state of being, or enlightenment.

Yantras are considered to be a symbolic representation of the universe, a microcosm of the macrocosm…and were not only created for artistic purposes, but also to help the yogi calm a restless mind.

Just by staring at the design, people often feel calmer; but that’s just the beginning of how it works.

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How to Use It


In order to really get the most out of a yantra, you have to actually meditate on it. This allows the mind to fully wrap-around the experience:

  1. To do a yantra meditation, first make your spine as long as you can. Visualize a string pulling the top of your head toward the ceiling.
  2. Begin to softly gaze at the center of the yantra, right at the central point. This is called the bindu.
  3. From there, slowly allow your vision to expand to the triangles. They represent the masculine and feminine energy.
  4. After spending a few minutes here, expand your awareness to the circles that encompass the triangles. This represents the formlessness of time, which has no beginning or end.
  5. After a few minutes here, begin to notice the lotus that surrounds the circle. This illustrates the unfoldment of knowledge and understanding.
  6. Finally, work your way to the square that surrounds the entire image. This is the representation of the material world, the illusion of separateness.
  7. Finally, bring your attention back to the center and close your eyes. Let your mind gradually expand, embracing the powerful yet simplistic notion that you’re connected to the entire universe.

How it Works

Yantras employ a very basic concept: the mind calms when focused.

In this sense, yantras literally force you to focus on a single point in space, and in so doing the mind begins to release. From there, higher levels of consciousness- or awareness- begin to unfold.

Yantras can be extremely powerful, because the gaze combined with the meditation can really help to keep the attention present.

In the more advanced stages of a yantra meditation, a practitioner can even attain enlightenment.


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