Use Qigong To Fix That Feeling Of Anxiety + Stress…

Use Qigong To Fix That Feeling Of Anxiety + Stress

We all have those moments when our mind won’t shut down and thoughts, fears and worries increase exponentially. These familiar feelings freeze me in my tracks, make me want to crawl under a blanket and never come out, or worse lose all hope.

Anxiety, stress, worry are as everyday as the common cold. Sadly, it’s impacting young children, high school and college students and the elderly (and everyone in between). For many the solution prescribed is medication; I say adopt habits that empower you to manage your health on a day-to-day basis.

1. Breathwork for Relaxation

Starting a daily breathing practice offers a lot of mental health benefits like recognizing how you are emotionally and working through those feelings. Breathwork allows you to become present with the truth of what is real in the moment. A simple exercise is alternate nostril breathing.

2. Shaking

Shaking with abandonment moves the energy throughout your body from your head to toes and releases physical and emotional energy. Remember to loosen up and relax, imagine your a little kid and smile – enjoy.

3. Movement

Movement is always healthful. Try this qigong movement to release unwanted frustration, anxiety and more. Follow the breath and movement.


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