Use NDE White Light To Break Free When Stuck…

Use NDE White Light To Break Free When Stuck

On the day of my car wreck, the day my life was forever changed, I had never heard the term “near-death experience” or NDE. It was a phrase coined by Dr. Raymond Moody in the 70s around the time I had mine. He had researched people who claimed they experienced the afterlife following what seemed at the time to be a life-ending event. Obviously, it wasn’t. That became apparent when they found themselves back in their physical body again.

Many report feeling shaken, bewildered and somewhat disappointed to be back here and gone from there, wherever “there” was. I was one of them.

The feeling I had while in that “state,” while in the Light, was empowering. In an instant, I knew I would never again agree that “we are only human.” More than anything, I saw that I was wasting my potential and believing in limitations that we don’t really have. As badly as I wanted to stay in the Light, I also wanted the chance to change the things I was seeing and regretting in my life review.

I re-experienced being a resentful, angry teen that claimed to be an atheist. I was shown the bad experiences that had caused me to say that no loving God would allow such things if he really existed. Up until then, I felt like a victim and I couldn’t get past my anger. Life didn’t make sense to me.

But that day, in a flash, it did. I saw that like everyone else, I was given gifts, great power and potential and I was wasting it. I saw the destructive power of my negative emotions. I saw that I had to get control of them and switch my focus away from the past and look toward the future, envisioning what I wanted my life to become.

I saw that Love is the most powerful weapon we could ever wield. We can use it to stop anything in its tracks that threatens health, happiness, relationships or prosperity. Lower vibrations can’t stand up to it for very long.

Thankfully, I awoke to find I was in the hospital and had another chance. My journey began and what I discovered is something anyone can use to heal and attain peace and happiness.

Through experimentation, I discovered how to use Love’s power in a very practical way for accomplishing goals and working through challenges. I learned that you have to accept very little as a fact of life. If you choose to, you can use your gifts and your true nature to change the things that cause you to feel unhappy, small, weak, vulnerable, unfulfilled. You have the power to create a vision, observe it and bring it to life.

Since my first experience in the 80s with what I call the White Light Method, I have consistently seen miraculous things happen when I use it.  You just have to create a high vibration, the feeling of Love in your heart, and imagine it giving life to the vision, the outcome or intention you see in your mind. It is a very real practice that works.

Most people have to develop skills before they master anything and this is no different. It can take some practice to get your mind and emotions to cooperate with you, but they absolutely will with a little practice. I had worked with visualization techniques before so when I felt divinely led to sit down and send Love to a serious issue that needed a solution, I followed my inner guidance. What happened the next day left no doubt that it had worked.

That was only the first of many miraculous outcomes that have happened over the years, for me and many others who use it too. I know that because they share their stories with me.

  • Using the White Light Method seems easy enough doesn’t it?

  • Do you want to know what is easier and why most people feel stuck and frustrated with careers, relationships, finances, fitness, weight or health issues?

Most of the time, people think about what they don’t like about themselves or their situation.  Their mind sees images or movies related to those things, which activates negative feelings. That comes easy.  It is the conscious creation of something that is not yet a part of your life that takes dedicated effort.

Consciously creating intentions, seeing the end result in your mind’s eye, making it seem real, releasing it, sending it out with the vibration of Love, can cause life-changing experiences to come into your world. The more you practice seeing things by choice and feeling emotions on purpose to fuel your vision, the quicker you become a skilled, effective, Conscious Creator.

It really is a choice between that and going through life as a robotic reactor. In that mode, life throws things at you and you react as if you have no other options.  However, you always do. When you don’t like what shows up, there are an infinite number of other possibilities that can become just as real. Choosing one and consciously creating it is an empowering way to live.

My White Light NDE experience taught me that we are powerful spiritual beings walking around in a body that has fooled us into thinking we are what we see in the mirror. We think of ourselves as if we are physical islands with a location that can be pinpointed on a map. We see ourselves as being separate, disconnected from each other, the earth, the universe. We are not.

We are a part of something, connected to something so magnificent that words can’t describe it. There is oneness and yet individuality at the same time. There are mysteries that we don’t have to understand in order to use our personal power to the benefit of ourselves, our loved ones and the planet.

Focus on a vision and intention you create from within with your mind and emotions, your brain and heart. See it surrounded by Light and create it with Love and you can’t go wrong. Think it, feel it, see it. When you do, very often that possibility somehow finds its way into your physical world and becomes part of what seems to be your reality. It is fascinating.


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