Use Mindfulness to Break Free from Monotony…

Use Mindfulness to Break Free from Monotony

Mindfulness Strategies Using Your 5 Senses to Break Free from Monotony of Groundhog Day

Does it feel like every day is the same, monotonous, boring, and repetitive experience?  This experience is well known as, “Groundhog Day”, thanks to the infamous Bill Murray.   I can help you break free from this feeling by building in mindfulness skills. Take a 5-minute mindfulness break a few times a day.  Pay attention to your 5 senses while driving to work, completing that paperwork that never seems to end, eating the healthy salad that you pack every day, washing those dishes or doing laundry that keeps piling up.  Our amazing 5 senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight) can help you be more aware of the uniqueness of your daily experiences that appear to be so plain and tedious.  Examples of mindfulness using your 5 senses:

Touch-How do your clothes feel on your body, how does the chair or seat feel on your body, how does the steering wheel or dish soap feel?

Taste-How crisp is the lettuce you are eating, taste the cold, how crisp and clean is the water that you drink or how minty is the gum you are chewing?

Smell-The freshness of the chilly spring day, the vanilla candle you have lit, and the yummy pizza cooking.

Hearing-Listen to the birds chirp, siren blaring, or your kiddos playing and giggling.

Sight-Notice the bright green grass of spring, the gray-blue sky before a storm, or how many tiny moles can you count on your skin?

I challenge you to do this at least once daily and pay attention to the list of different things that you sense each day.  How unique, varied and exciting is your day is when you pay attention to the details?  This is but a glimpse of one strategy I will use with you as my Life Coaching client to help you make changes to transform your life.   Click on my webpage link to schedule a mini session to explore other ways that I can help you transform!


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