5 Tips To Unpack Your Emotional Suitcase…

5 Tips To Unpack Your Emotional Suitcase

Extra Baggage

We have all been there before in our lives.

We start a new journey; whether it be a new job, a romantic relationship, a birth, a death—a moment that can define success or defeat.

New beginnings can also encompass past sad endings, like a bittersweet poem.

We pack for our journey, not in a physical “check my baggage” type of journey, but a sensitive passage that surrounds our emotions like smoke from a burning fire.

What do we pack for the journey?

What do we put in? What do we leave out?

We can stuff our “suitcase of life” with too many things, so every pocket and space is filled with items we will never use.

We can pack in stress, hurt, regrets, past disappointments, shame, fear, loneliness, anger, sorrow, and burdens we carry over from year to year. Our suitcase can barely close.

There is no room for the good that is yet to come.

We become weary travelers looking for a nearby overhead compartment that is not already filled.

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The Importance of Packing and Unpacking

What if you were to pack your suitcase with experiences that create value in your life?

Experiences that give meaning to the present moment.

It is human nature to carry around past history that has not served us well.

We feel we need to remind ourselves of lessons we never learned.

Perhaps we somehow hold on to the past for fear of traveling into our future.

More importantly, we fail to forgive others and certainly fail to forgive ourselves.

  1. Let go and empty it out. Learn to let go of past regrets and lighten the load you are carrying. Empty out those negative experiences, look at them, examine what they are. How did they get there, and why are they still getting packed?
  2. Face the fear of letting go. Realize that the past is the past. It taught you what you needed to learn. That is why it is past. Focus on what you learned, on what you now know, and embrace the lessons you were taught, as they will make you wiser in the years ahead.
  3. Practice patience. Be patient with yourself, over and over again. It is not easy to empty that emotional suitcase. Find support systems. Find a counselor or therapist. Seek out friends who are supportive. Surround yourself with others who truly lift you up and genuinely care. They will be your biggest allies.
  4. Celebrate your uniqueness. Appreciate yourself. Find acceptance in your talents and embrace your differences that make you unique. Labels are for items on the grocery store shelves, not for people. Let your light shine bright and follow your own voice.
  5. Live mindfully. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings regarding past experiences. Don’t judge what you feel. Simply acknowledge and then release.

Carry What You Need

Buddha says, “In the end only three things matter; how much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”

Carry only what you need. Eliminate the things you will not use on your journey.

The journey is life.

It is only as long as the minutes in each day.

Once we live them, they are forever gone.

Pack lightly. Travel well.


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