University Study – If No One Would Find Out Would You Rob A Bank?…

University Study – If No One Would Find Out Would You Rob A Bank?

At a leading university, a very interesting study was done with kids who were 5 and 6 years old.

In this University Study, they took a group of kids into a room and showed them a game where they threw balls that stick to a game board. And the child’s ball that came closest to the center of the board would win a nice big prize.

With No One Watching

But there was just one hitch. They had to throw the balls from 10 feet away and backward. That means they were not facing the board and were a long ways from the board.

Then they took the kids outside and allowed them to come into the room one by one. And they had a hidden camera going to see what they would do.

And when the kids thought no one was watching… the kids ran over to the board and placed the balls in the center of the board. Thus they all cheated because no one was watching.

With An Invisible Friend Watching

Then they had another group of kids come in and they were told the same thing. But they were also told that an invisible princess was going to be sitting in the room watching them. The princess was sitting on a large chair near the board.

They Did Not Cheat With the Invisible Friend Watching

So the kids came into the room one by one and threw the balls. But this time they did not cheat because they believed that the invisible princess was watching.

Higher Power Watching Over Us

The researchers theorized that this is similar to having God or a Higher Power watching everything we do… and thus we do that we know is moral.

What Would You Do?

Would you do something that was morally wrong if you could get away with it… and no one would ever know?

Or do you know for certain that our guardian angels are watching over us and know everything we do… and that God knows and sees everything?

Would you rob a bank if you knew that no one would ever find out?

These are very interesting moral questions… and everyone will have to answer these questions for themselves.

Personally, I know that doing what is right will bring about a higher vibration of karma to my life and that God does see everything.


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