Unity Within

During this period of lockdown I’ve heard a lot of people talking about unity. It seems that we have a strong desire to unite, nationally and globally. We want to be closer to our beloved, our friends and even talk to our neighbours or anybody in the streets. I have welcomed this attitude with interest and I wish we could go on with it even once the COVID-19 will have faded away. Nevertheles, I think that if we strive for a long lasting unity in the world the first essential step is finding unity within.

What do I mean by unity within?

Well, I think that we are all different form one another, we are complex combinations of emotions, feelings and thoughts. Our unicity can be expressed only if every single part of us finds its way to get out there. We grow up in a world that teaches us to select only the aspects of us which can best contribute to create an acceptable or successful personality. Yet, regardless of how we may be perceived by those around us or by the validation we get within ourselves we live in disharmony.

Imagine composing a melody using the same note or just the same set of notes repeating endlessly. It would certainly sound obsessive and unpleasant. Who would enjoy listening to it? It is interesting to notice that paradoxically, harmony encompasses ruptures, contrasts and differences.

When it comes to us we only allow a couple of patterns to represent us when there is much more to us than that.

The first step to becoming a stronger and more organic individual is a very simple one: acceptance. Becoming the spectators of ourselves accepting what we see, acknowledging every feeling, every emotion, every thought. Consider yourself as a canvas to paint. The more colours you have available the more likely you will be to create a masterpiece. This is what I call unity within.


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Chris Padovan


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