Two Out Of Every Thousand – The Secret Unbreakable…

Two Out Of Every Thousand – The Secret Unbreakable

Two out of every thousand.

The secret unbreakable.


Humankind has an interesting feature of its species.

A feature that was discovered by the studies remarkably similar to fabled the CIA Manchurian Candidate program,

And is also known by larger criminal organisations, Some psychiatrist in the right specialised fields and special forces of the world.

Special forces value this feature very highly!

It is a feature that is extremely hard to detect!

It is a feature of our species to try and ensure its survival under any possible circumstances

It has been measured and quantified, but I doubt you will be able to publications discussing it (unless you are really well connected)

You cannot tell by looking, who has this feature or not.

Most will not know that they have this rare twist at the back of their brain, and never have to find out.

It is a feature that is totally separate and has no other as yet detectable correlations to any other brain known architecture, such as clinical psychopaths, IQ, EQ, Or natural Empathy

It is most certainly not any more or less prevalent in any particular race.

There are some unstudied rumours that women may have it slightly more often than men.

However, these are Only rumours.

There is nothing concrete, to support that theory!

This feature is in ten of every thousand people,

Lurking unknown.

Until the right circumstances happen.

This feature is exceptional willpower!

The stubbornness to do defy anything thrown at them.

Threatening their family will not work.

Harming their family in front of them will not work.

“Breaking” these sorts of people is still possible but it is extra hard!

Generally, it is much easier to assassinate or lock their rebellious arse away for all their lives instead!

They are the girl who after being locked away for fifteen years from childhood, escapes their capture, swims across an ice lake (despite the lack of physical exercise they had access to) and get that perverted arse hole locked away.

They are the middle-aged woman who decided to sit at the front of the bus or the man who stands in front of an armoured military tank.

They are the person who severs their own arm off in the middle of the wilds to survive.

They are both the ultimate good guy and most evil villains or our history.

(Mother nature does not moralise!)


Special forces obvious look for this among their raw recruits, as a tin pan miner might look for gold dust.

Mind control programmes are said to look for such people to exclude them from use.

Well financed criminal networks, the level of those that have submarine fleets, look for these sorts of people to remove without bothering to issue any threats first.

And it is roughly measured that ten in a thousand people have this evolutionary backup.


But every person under torture breaks on the third day!

Even these ten out of a thousand!

Especially with modern techniques including pain enhancing drugs and deep physiological profiling.



Almost every person,

Mother nature does not bend over to take it that easily!

Genes have horned themselves to an ultimate finite edge over our entire evolution.

There is, on top of that ten in a thousand, the other two in every thousand.

These are The Truly Unbreakable.

The ones you have to fool with a “fake after war village” or some other Mission Impossible-style crap to get them to reveal anything.

Because torture would never work!

In fiction, if there was ever a character that would break the will of the devil or ever escape hell, then this personality type would be it!

They are the last hard drive backup of our species genome.

The ones with the ‘cockroach after a nuke’ level moral that will not ever quit.

They are the unknown, unseen uncrushable!

Domestic abusers and bullies of all ilk, BEWARE!

You will never know who has this hidden ability until it is too late for you!

You will never see it coming because your victims do not know they have it within them yet!

Those in law enforcement BEWARE!

Because some criminals will randomly have this too!

(Again, Mother Nature does not moralise!)

It is a lottery!

(but with much better odds)

And there is a totally random two in a thousand chance

(a similar percentage chance to a condom, that is safely used, failure rate!)

That YOU Also have this dormant feature within YOU!


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