Turning Challenges Into Opportunities…

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

How do you turn your challenges and struggles into a positive force in your life for change? It’s hard and the struggle sometimes is very, very real. If we are not careful we can let negative aspects of our life bring down our energy levels, confuse us, create anger and resentments, among many, many other things. Challenges are a part of life, no matter how old you are, where you are from or your life circumstances.

So how do we rationally, effectively look at our struggles and integrate them into our lives in a way in which brings opportunity for growth and improvement?

Take time to be honest with yourself. Sit down and think about the issue, what is it, what do you really want? Write about it, this helps greatly to get your perspective down on paper so you can look at it from a wider angle and get new insights. Things to consider and be honest about, are you part of the problem, are you playing into the problem or subtly manipulating to get your way, is there some way in which you could do better to help the situation? Perhaps the issues is completely out of your control, and you are a by standard, be honest with yourself about that, knowing sometimes you do not have control. Honestly leads to feelings about the challenge, feel your feelings and cry or be angry, don’t try and shut down emotions. Allow the flow of energy to move through you so you can be true to yourself.

Bend, don’t break. Many times in challenging situations there is a “winner” and a “loser”, for real transformation it cannot be about that. You have to put your ego aside and be flexible about solving a problem. This sometimes means compromising so multiple parties are satisfied and can move forward. It means being the bigger person, and sometimes stepping back, and seeing from time to time people lash out when they need love and compassion, so instead of getting mad, you give them a hug or try to be understanding. It’s hard and you never want to get in the habit of becoming a door mat for someone to walk all over, but there are times when choosing love over “winning” or arguing back can be monumental. This also shows that you have a emotional depth and can handle chaotic situations, this will strength relationships when you respond to events instead of react to events.

A new perspective. It’s really important to share challenges with friends or family when you are in a loop of the same thoughts over and over and just cannot find the next step. Many times a fresh perspective can infuse new ideas, new hope and solutions that were out of your range of thought. Also, it feels good to get things off your chest and is an opportunity for you to bond with your loved one.

Wanting. Wanting to move forward and better yourself is an opportunity in itself. This attitude of being willing and ready and open to change for the better is key. There is almost no problem or issue that cannot be solved or at least dampened by a determined person. Decide why you want to be happier, what are your goals and what are willing to do to get there? Map out what you want and along the way you will decide what you are willing to put up with, what your not and how you are going to get there. When you are very sure about what you want, it can make situations more crystal clear and assist you in easily deciding what course is best for you.

Always remember any successful person failed many times, but they always picked themselves up and tried again. As with many challenges in life we may not know how to cope initially, but over time we get more and more seasoned. Challenges can open up our perspective and show us who we really are.  So try and take any issue and see how you can find the silver lining, there is always something to be learned, a lot of times it’s about you, how you react, how you process situations and how you move forward. Unless you take the time to slow down and think about the challenges you may not find the opportunities.

Photo by DJ Johnson on Unsplash


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Amanda Stovall


Greetings ya’ll, my name is Amanda Stovall. I’m from the pacific northwest and my goal in life is to learn,…

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