Tune Into The Revolutionary Super Full Moon In Aquarius On August 11th, 2022…

Tune Into The Revolutionary Super Full Moon In Aquarius On August 11th, 2022

Uplift your energy to navigate the highly evolutionary Super Full Moon in Aquarius on Thursday, August 11th, 2022.

Excitement, surprise, and trust are the themes of this lunar cycle to navigate the intense combinations of influences that the Cosmos is lashing at us to handle the unexpected and revolutionary results that Pacha Mama is storing for us.

The Super Full Moon in Aquarius favors changes that support higher frequency actions and will create stagnation for any ideals and propositions that promote old structures and leaderships that won’t favor the people and the “new.”

Aquarius is the water bearer, the bringer of the collective flow is a sign of inventive solutions, and looks to the future to create inventions and long-range goals.

The Full Moon in Aquarius opens a window of time on the big picture of the outcome of our future. To focus on the outcome of our endeavors, we need to consider the level of peace and serenity that our actions bring us, rather than focusing only on material gains and social prestige.

Uranus is ruling the Full Moon in Aquarius. It represents the future and creates momentum for the shifts needed to leave the past behind. Be open to the unexpected, trust your genius insights and intuition, and be comfortable with this wave of change by being flexible and open.

Be aware of the tendency to resist any change supported by the presence of six planets in fixed signs that want us to hold onto the old. Any tendency to hold tight to what is familiar will create rigidity and a painful resistance to what the planet is creating for humanity.

Feeling unsettled, surprising pieces of information, acceleration of events, and liberation are some points that will mark our social and personal status during this lunar cycle.

Saturn is in Aquarius, conjunct with the Full Moon, and is soliciting a serious look at what counts in life and the responsibilities we carry. Tune into your inner navigation system, your inner voice, and divine source for guidance to rely on and to take responsibility for your choices.

How are you planning your future? What are you putting your attention on?

Structure your daily life to serve your short- and long-term goals. Observe what your attention focuses on and redirect it when necessary. Make sure you clear your mind and uplift your energy often creating a soothing environment with sound, incense, crystals, and candles to connect to the elements (air, water, fire, earth).

It is grounding and helpful to have a routine that supports your high frequency, especially with Uranus and Aquarius “rattling our cage,” to create breakthroughs, to push us to transform and build something new rapidly and of great value.

Chiron is coming to rescue us individually and collectively by opening our hearts and allowing compassion, love, forgiveness, and tenderness to activate deep healing.

The Sun is in Leo is encouraging us to shine in our light and take that spirit into the spaces that are challenging or stressful. The Sun wants you to find out what you want and choose to follow your path without getting distracted by other people’s needs.


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