True Stories Of The Healing Power Of Prayer…

True Stories Of The Healing Power Of Prayer

Prayer is Powerful

There have been a number of documented cases in which people have been healed of cancer and other diseases with prayer.

One such case took place a few years ago when a man came into have a chest X-ray done and he found out he had cancer all over his lungs. The radiologist took note of the man’s name and thought he would not be alive for very long.

But this man was a very devout person… and his whole church came to his bedside… and they held hands and prayed for him day after day.

5 years later that same radiologist came across another set of X-rays of the same man and his lungs where totally clear of all cancer.

The radiologist could not believe his eyes and went looking for this man who was sitting in the waiting area. And low and behold… it was the very same man.

After his congregation had prayed for him for a few days… he had a miraculous and spontaneous healing and all his cancer disappeared in a couple of days.

This very same scenario has taken place over and over again for lots of different people around the world.

Personally, I feel, that most people don’t take the power of prayer seriously. And forget they can gather together a large group of people who will pray for them and amazing things take place.

Another one of these miracles took place for a doctor who came down with a rare form of lymphoma… and he almost died. But his whole church kept praying for him. And as a last-ditch effort, his doctor gave him a drug that would only slow down the progression of his cancer… but it would not heal his cancer.

But again, within 48 hours all his cancerous lymph nodes melted away and he was completely cured of cancer.

This is not unusual, this has taken place for thousands of people around the world.

So next time a loved one becomes sick… remember prayer is powerful!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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