Triggers = Activations

Often I hear people say “I’m triggered,” when something that is happening now is reminding us of a traumatic experience from the past, that makes us feel like we are experiencing the trauma all over again. And this can be overwhelming.

I have a tip for you — Next time instead of using the word “trigger,” I invite you to shift the energy by replacing the word with “activation” because really those words mean the same thing. Except the word “trigger” has a negative connotation. “Activation” does not.

A couple weeks ago, I led a healing meditation with my returning reiki students and the theme was focusing on shifting our perspective to see our triggers as activations. When we show up in the world and ask questions like “what is this here to teach me” rather than “why is this happening to me again,” we can heal more consciously and effectively.

When we are healing, it’s important to remember that your past wounds, pain and memories are coming up to the surface, because something is being activated within you. It’s reminding you that your body is still holding on to the energetics of the past at some level and it’s showing up as fear, anxiety and worry. But remember, it’s coming up to surface so you can seize the opportunity. So you can gift yourself the attention, nurturing, healing and freedom you truly deserve.

Next time you are activated, ask yourself these questions:

1. What memories and wounds are coming up to the surface right now?

2. What is this here to teach me?

3. Am I acting from this present moment or am I acting from my past experiences?

4. What is the story I tell myself when this specific thing happens?

5. How can I rewrite this story going forward?

6. What is one self-soothing technique I can use to bring my focus back to this present moment?


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Hae Lee


At a young age, Hae realized she had the gift of insight to see patterns in life and ability to…

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