Traveling To Heal: Escape To Yourself…

Traveling To Heal: Escape To Yourself

Traveling is a great way to temporarily escape yourself and your problems, and start the healing process. Though just visiting a new place won’t instantly change your life, it will bring something new and exciting, helping you to disconnect, relax, heal and make better decisions.

If you are in a difficult situation and you want to add traveling to your healing process, continue reading this article and find out how you can do that.

Relax, Hydrate, Meditate

We all know how meditation can help us clear our thoughts, relax, and learn how to navigate through life with calmness and positivity. But not all of us can do it. Learning how to meditate takes time, perseverance, but sometimes changing the environment is all you need to succeed.

There are plenty of destinations where you can completely relax, but Bali is definitely one of the best if you want to join a retreat and have a spiritual travel experience that can heal your soul.

Not only is this place breathtaking, but it also offers some of the most amazing yoga retreats, where you can enjoy memorable moments of solitude and peace of mind. In Ubud, for instance, you can practice yoga, but also join unwinding cooking classes conducted by locals, explore charming temples, watch prayer rituals, or just enjoy the sunny beaches and blue waters.

Get in Touch with Nature

If yoga and meditation aren’t your cups of tea, and you need more physical activity to overcome the problems you are battling with, hiking can help. Not only does this activity challenge you physically and mentally, but it also helps you connect with nature, giving you the chance to slow down, disconnect from your daily routine and just focus on arriving at your destination while admiring breathtaking landscapes.

The best way to use hiking as a healing method is by doing this on your own and choosing great trails. Exploring the Scottish Highlands is a fantastic idea. The never-ending green fields, incredible wildlife, and the simplicity of life you will find while hiking in this beautiful area of Scotland will amaze your eyes and clear your mind.

Breathtaking Views, Delicious Food, and Great Mood

Whether you prefer exploring romantic Santorini or less visited places like Samothraki, Greek islands are heaven for troubled hearts who are looking for healing. With mesmerising landscapes, delicious foods, and secluded beaches, these incredible pieces of land can help you completely relax and give you the positive vibe you are looking for.

Waking up with beautiful views is a real healer for a broken heart. But in Greece, you will also feed your body with fresh, delicious food and great wine, as well as get in touch with friendly locals who are always happy to put food on your table and teach you about their culture.

Culture, Coffee, and “Il Dolce Far Niente”

Another place with good food that promises to offer a healing escape is “Bella Italia”. Carbs are always a great treat, especially when in trouble or doubt, and Italy is the pasta and pizza paradise. Besides food, Italy is also the best place to get closer to rich history, art and culture, and learning new things is what you need to heal and evolve. And when you add delicious wines, tasty coffee, and the relaxed style of the locals to the equation, you get the perfect destination for a broken heart.

If you choose to visit lovely Florence, for instance, you get the chance to see the works of famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, admire the beautifully arranged streets and amazing architecture of the city, but also explore its breathtaking surroundings. And there is nothing more beautiful than relaxing in the Tuscan wineries and visiting the region’s charming villages.

Sweating Your Problems Away


As already mentioned, physical activity is a great way to heal your mind and body. But hiking the Scottish Highlands or other amazing areas is not the only option. If you are a watersports enthusiast, you can pack your bags and go to the Canary Islands, where you have the chance to indulge in exciting water activities like surfing and kayaking.

El Medano is a small surfers’ village located in the charming island of Tenerife, and it’s the perfect healing spot for an active person. The village is known for its surfing schools, fascinating ocean views, laid-back vibe, as well as happy locals and visitors. In addition, El Medano is filled with cozy restaurants and cafes where delicious food is served.

These are some of the best ways you can use travelling to escape and heal yourself. But the world is filled with many other incredible places you can visit to find the peace of mind you are longing for.


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