Trapped Into A Bad Influence? Here’s How To Get Released!…

Trapped Into A Bad Influence? Here’s How To Get Released!

We get significantly influenced by the company we keep. Especially during the young growing period of our life, we get easily influenced by our surroundings. It’s not only the friends that influence us but also peers, books, social surrounding or the things we spend most of our time with. So it is better not only to choose the right company but it is equally important to avoid wrong company.

It all begins from things like to get accepted among friends or to impress or feel stylish or to overcome depression or loneliness avoid stress or hectic work schedule one tends to develop addiction like smoking or chewing tobacco, drugs, drinking alcohol. In the beginning one may feel even if my friends have addiction but I am strong enough and have control. But it starts from casual couple of sips and before he realizes that he becomes addicted. Even if he does not drink or takes drugs, being in the company of people who do, impacts his belief system and then gradually impacts his behavior. This is because we unconsciously keep comparing ourselves with our peers and thus unknowingly we acquire their habits and unfortunately the wrong ones!

Give a thought knowingly or unknowingly all our efforts throughout our life are towards: becoming happy and enjoy individual freedom. There is nothing wrong in that. Are we moving in the right direction in our pursuit of finding happiness? Youngsters initially do not realize that it will be very difficult to return from the addiction path they are taking. The irony is no one realizes or listens to anyone before he becomes an addict! By the time they realize this truth, it is too late. The very things which he thought will give him happiness become the sole reason for his misery and slavery. We consider freedom to be one of the most essential attributes of happiness. How one can be happy being a slave? Isn’t this addiction a slavery of a different kind? For a non-addict person, ‘sandwich’ will do instead of ‘pizza’. But to an addict if you would offer some roasted pulses to munch instead of chewing tobacco, he would reject saying his veins would burst without tobacco! Thus, addiction has taken hold and it has become his nature.

The only remedy for getting rid of his addiction and other mistakes is that it should constantly prick us from inside. Apply these 4 golden keys to certainly overcome bad habits and become addiction free. This way deals in destroying the root cause instead of curbing the behavior.

1. Determination: First step is to understand that it is wrong to incur bad habits. It must be absolutely clear in mind. Once there is such an understanding, with firm determination to get rid of it, one can be freed from it.

2. Recall Dangers: Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “Once you know the perils of actions you perform, then you will refrain from doing them.” It is the end result in sight that will check us. Have we ever drunk poison? (No, never) Because we know the end result and so we do not drink poison. So make a list and evaluate the risks involved in such habits, be it mental, emotional, financial, physical or social.

3. Repent: As we erase the mistakes while writing with pencil using eraser. Similarly, whenever a mistake occurs, we must repent heartily in front of our mentor, Guru or whosoever God we believe in and seek forgiveness for the act.

4. Don’t protect: The duration of such habit prolongs once it is given protection in any form. When someone points out your bad habit – accept that yes its weakness on my part. Never protect your bad habits by defending it with reason like I use my money and not yours. We should leave the company of such friends who have addiction. We must find other good friends and associate with Satsang groups. Otherwise, it would be difficult to come out of this viciousness.

This is the sure-fire way as shown by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan. Dada’s new vision has helped a lot of people to come out of bad habits successfully and gain normality with good life. With right understanding, break free from the shackles of slavery of a bad influence or addiction and once again enjoy freedom and eternal happiness.


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