Transformation Is Not One Moment, It Is A Series Of Moments…

Transformation Is Not One Moment, It Is A Series Of Moments

It was a recent unfolding in my own life that led me to this new profound teaching that I wanted to serve you with as I found myself falling deeper into truth and it came to my understanding there is never going to be this one thing or this one destination that ultimately life is leading you to as it is merely a series of moment that ultimately lead you to unveil your true transformation.

Now I have come to understand at a deeper level why this journey is a process for it is not what you do one day, it is what you do every day and it is only learning through grieving my own failures to meet my high expectations of how life should be that I came to truly embody this. I had this picturesque vision of how spirituality would save me and how everything would change until I eventually realised I could not fulfil this fantasy & if I was to feed into this then I would merely be an ambassador for a distorted and deluded lie, it would merely lead you to disappointment & sorrow as you discovered this expectation I sold you is not of truth.

The thing is people aren’t going to like this, how do I know this?

Because I didn’t like it quite frankly & when life didn’t serve me with what I wanted I would kick and scream and ultimately it is this response that causes suffering. Let’s face it when you are getting your own way you are happy and when you are not getting your own way you are miserable and you are continuing to replay this cycle of acting out?

Let’s be real..

But what if you can truly be happy all of the time even if your unhappy?

Would you be willing to surrender what you want to allow what is?

Would you truly be able to make that sacrifice in the knowing it is FOR you even if it hurts?

As it unveils a wound buried deep within that you tried so hard to forget about, running from the very thing you have spent your life hiding from..

OR would you rather face up to these inner wounds and caress your inner self in the knowing that this deep wound needs tending to?

Are you willing to allow yourself this gift of patience, love and compassion by embarking on the journey of returning to wholeness within self even if that means that you won’t get nothing out of it. at all?

I know this is a lot to take in but I recently found myself pondering deep upon these truths as I asked myself who am I here to be?

A roll model or a doll model?

Do you truly want to make an impact on the world?

Because in doing so, you must be unveiled, stripped to your very core, unveil the light within so you can be a true influence in the world.

So ask yourself, would you be willing to commit to yourself every single day in the knowing you are merely healing self without expectation or reward, with the pure intention of being a force for the greater good? Can you truly offer this world that sincerity?

Even if you don’t know it yet, the fact that you are here reading this reveals to me that you are on this mission, which is not to attain but rather to return and this is what you are here to fulfil.

It is your destiny..

To be a true soul willing to pave the way and go beneath the surface of what is, to question, to wonder, to love, to return.

And know this, you will not be for everyone because people will merely not understand your ways but you are not here to be everyone’s cup of tea, you are here to be you. Not everyone is meant to be part of your divine journey & that is not to say we should go against those we do not connect with rather it merely means to take responsibility for self by finding peace within this truth.

It just is the way it is!

And honestly how boring would life be if we all got along anyway, it adds colour to our life, character, charisma and most of all LIFE..

But most of all if you truly know yourself, love yourself, feel yourself, then you understands that it does not matter whom approves of you.

Why wait for someone else to approve of you, when you can do it yourself..

Isn’t that ultimately what we all want?

To know who you are..

to have full certainty within self that no matter what goes on around you that you will still remain stood firm in your own, knowing exactly who you are!

And this is what the concept of this blog is based around, to lead you there, in the knowing that transformation isn’t in one moment, rather it is a series of moments.

For every single moment that is served to us by the universe is a divine opportunity to make a choice, as it is this illusion that you can control what happens outside of you that separates you from this reality of being who you are.

You can only control what you do have power over and that is the choice you make in each moment, to act out of love or fear?

The divinity within these moments as you make these choices is the serving of the opportunity to heal, an opening, for every time you choose love you are choosing to dissolve a wound within self and offering the world the gift of being an embodiment of love.

Now are you willing to get out of your own way in the knowing that this life is not for you?

Or rather ABOUT you..

You better believe it sister, the universe is not here to sculpt a reality that glammers up your ego..

I know your ego is seriously deflated right now to find out nothing is about you at all, shock!

Rather it is about something else..

something much greater..

a mission of bringing love to the world.

Do you say yes to stepping out of your own way?

Then you can begin your journey back to self today, embarking on the path of heart in which I will wholeheartedly support you in offering you the tools you need to support you on this adventure.

I am offering you the gift of my online programme “21 days to your Higher Self” in which you will find all the details of how to access over on my website This programme has been designed to support you in making the daily changes that are necessary so that you can embody the fierce goddess that you are.

After all, wouldn’t you rather be blessed from the universe out of love as it rewards you for your true service on the path of heart or would you rather fulfil that empty void within, manifesting tons of desires because you can do that too, that is a choice you will have to make but ask yourself this, which one will truly make a difference?

That choice is yours dear one..


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