Transform With The Full Moon Total Eclipse In Scorpio On May 16th, 2022…

Transform With The Full Moon Total Eclipse In Scorpio On May 16th, 2022

The total Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 16th, 2022 is the Universe’s call for a new level of awareness and attention to our growth and evolution. The Cosmos is opening a complex space to reveal the unknown, and to display the hidden that will unfold in the next six months. Are you willing to face parts of you that have been hidden in your shadow?

The Full Moon in Scorpio is about culmination and letting go. Combined with the energies of Scorpio, we can expect a massive level of elimination, purging, revealing of betrayals, toxicity, and new access to the underground world. Scorpio is a water sign; because of its sensitivity, it feels everything, notices everything, and uses instinct to detect elements energetically present and invisible to the eye. Scorpio exposes us to our inner truth, to everything unconscious, uncovers the unseen to reveal our spiritual journey, and teaches us to go with the flow, and to never give up!

Eclipses also mark major endings, bring a compilation of processes into maturity, and create permanent changes. The Eclipse on May 16th, in connection with the Full Moon in Scorpio, will allow intensification of emotions to come to the surface; observe and intuit the truth of inner power struggles, give up control, use discernment, and be vigilant with your words.

Mercury goes into retrograde with Gemini on May 10th which will bring fresh thinking and an internal deliberation to install new standards of communication. Add a pinch of salt to your words while you articulate your feelings!

The intensity of this Lunar Eclipse may create moments that feel like we are in the night of the deepest, darkest soul. But, keep in mind that when things get difficult, we grow the most. It’s important to direct these intense moments towards healing and growth both personally and collectively. We are awakening Mother Earth and going through the shift with her.

Allow yourself to align your heart with the energies of the spheres! The heart is the force you need to tune into to allow old scars to be mended. Forgiveness, patience, benevolence, and willingness to forget the past are keywords to pass on to your new heart frequency.

Saturn, which is very close to the moon, is creating difficulties in connecting with people we expect to be our support system. Saturn expects us to use discipline and self-empowerment while participating in this intense transition to heal and merge in a new way.

Neptune, spiritual and transcendent, is regenerating and opening a destiny path. Take advantage of the fact that during the Eclipse the veils are thinner, and with a focused intention you can heal your spirit and enter a higher spiritual dimension!


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