3 Ways To Transform A Bachelorette Party Into A Celebration Of Soul Sisters…

3 Ways To Transform A Bachelorette Party Into A Celebration Of Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters 

When you think bachelorette party, this visual may come to mind: a gaggle of boisterous girls in vanity t-shirts, giggling and dancing with alcohol-glazed eyes. Now, don’t get me wrong, any opportunity to dance my ass off and be silly with my girlfriends is heaven to me.

However, my journey to becoming a wife has been one of emotional highs and lows—lots of big feels, to say the least, of who I am and what this new identity means.

By the time my bachelorette party rolled around, I was craving some epic girl time. I needed my tribe of powerful women to help remind me of who I have grown to be and further support me on where I am growing next.

Not knowing how to articulate this need, I simply let the universe take the lead and, lo and behold, my group of soul sisters delivered.

They presented me with three powerful rituals that I would recommend to any bachelorette party that wants to take their relationship with the bride and themselves a step deeper.

All three rituals can apply, whether you are planning a weekend away or simply heading out for an epic night on the town.

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An Honest Welcome

Upon arrival of all your gals, gather together in the same room and set the tone for the celebration.

For me, my incredible maid of honor brought a welcome gift to all of the girls in the crew and went over what was planned for our time together.

This was the perfect opportunity for me to share my gratitude for the women there, present a thank you gift, and also express where I am in my process.

I encourage you to be honest and know that your sisters are listening.

Ask from them what you need from the trip or night and give yourself permission to receive the love they are showering you with.

Sage and Candle Ceremony

On the second night of our trip, one of my girlfriends brought us into a room, turned off the lights, and lit four different colored candles and sage.

She described this as the four wind candle ceremony with her own added twist.

  • Black candle: North, letting something go.
  • White: East, birthing something new.
  • Yellow: South, energy to go through the change.
  • Blue: West, self-love in the process.

Then, within our circle, each woman offered and shared their loving words and wisdom about my transition to becoming a wife. The sage was used to bless the space and each woman as she spoke.

This ignited all of our heart spaces and connected us all on such a deep and powerful level. I am so grateful to have experienced this ceremony with my sisters.

36 Questions Sister Circle

The bride in your circle isn’t the only one who is going through a transition in their life. Using the 36 Questions Guide, get to know your girlfriends better than you ever did. Here is how it works. Each woman picks a deep question of their choice, and everyone in the circle shares their answer.

I would recommend this one over a great bottle of wine (maybe three). It is a fantastic way to hear what has shaped your best friends’ lives and what they are ready to release and currently welcome into their life.

The transition to becoming a wife is much deeper than your progress on the wedding planning. Along with the celebration of it all comes the change that is going on within you. These rituals are the perfect way to be honest with your process and trust that your sisters will be there as you feel through it all.

Cheers to the soul sisters! Let me know what your feelings are on the topic by leaving a comment below. I’ll be sure to connect.


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