Transcendental New Moon In Sagittarius : Expect The Best On November 23rd 2022…

Transcendental New Moon In Sagittarius : Expect The Best On November 23rd 2022

Guided by the frequency of the Soul Singing channel, you’ll connect to the New Moon energies of a new beginning, filled with positivity, courage, and truth.

I am thrilled the Sagittarius lunar cycle is coming to our rescue after the intense Scorpio and Eclipse seasons we just went through. An anchor, as we exit the meanders of the Scorpio realms, Sagittarius offers a new beginning made with possibilities, renewed freedom, a sense of adventure, and boldness in searching for truth.

If you went through the grind of transformation during the Taurus Full Moon, you might have wiped away bad habits, redirected your attitudes on many occasions, and straightened out your relationships.

Whether doing the inner remodeling within yourself or in relationships with others, you are starting on a clean slate at the right time.

Expect the Best!

Imagine streams of light opening new paths in front of you, ready for you to walk into your dream life. Push your imagination to the limit of being uncomfortable with yourself, don’t let your rational mind create limiting realities, activate your higher self, and let IT guide you.

It’s a Sagittarius Adventure.

In the relaxed state of meditation under the New Moon, it will be easy to believe that the impossible is possible, as Sagittarius will show you the path to achieve your inspiration. It will pull you into trusting more the synchronicity of life and bring a love for genuine positivity that merges truth and authenticity.

Sagittarius chooses to stand next to Jupiter to teach us to live large, think big, dream, and manifest the new.

Jupiter has a great spotlight in the next few weeks. Ruler of Sagittarius and conjunct to Pisces, it combines its energy of expansion with Pisces by removing boundaries.

This means that you can take your intuition and spiritual attunement during the Soul Singing Meditation to a more expansive space and enter a transcended state. On a practical level it will manifest in new opportunities and connections.

Self Acceptance.

Jupiter in Pisces requests the release of negative self-talk, criticism about the past, and the belief that we need to carry our story on our shoulders.

Try to use self-compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and the willingness to forget “the story” once processed and resolved.

Jupiter (the teacher) asks to learn through joy, showing love, and caring.

In the New Moon ceremony, we will cultivate an intuitive inner dialogue that will nurture all the parts of you that need loving, healing, or even complete release. You may be receiving messages and downloads through a dream state and have an accentuated intuition that will make you feel super sensitive.

Be gentle with yourself. The delicate touch of self-love gets closer to the harmonic line of the soul, and it will serve you well. Know that you are precious, and allow the New Moon to lullaby you into the Universe’s waves of love.


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