Top 10 Best Motivational Quotes…

Top 10 Best Motivational Quotes

Motivation is among the important ingredients of success. Without it, you’ll lack the reason to move and continue your journey. Good thing there are several sources of motivation out there. Others refuel their motivation by simply reading quotes while reminisce their previous hardships in life and use them as inspirations to try harder.

Have you been searching for the best motivational quotes online but haven’t got any luck? Search nowhere else since I compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Motivational Quotes to save you from the hassle. These motivational quotes greatly influenced me since I was just studying until now that I’m working hard to be closer to my dreams. I hope these motivational quotes can help you realize the true meaning of success and keep the fire of your motivation burning bright! Good luck and may you be successful in everything you do in life!

Wayne Dyer

1.Wayne Dyer

Success is not about being perfect but doing something to make even your greatest mistake right. There will be a point in your life where you need to choose whether to continue being a failure or be renewed. It takes a lot of courage to go out from your comfort zone so be prepare yourself. Never plan to fail. Start by improving the skills you deem are helpful as you venture on wards following the path to success. The ones who fail are usually those that disregard the importance of preparation and got carried away by their delusional passion towards victory. They were blinded by the wonderful things they can experience out of winning. We should all learn from their mistakes and take it one sure step at a time. Success is not a one night show but an experience to enjoy for a lifetime.

Jim Rohn

2. Jim Rohn

Days pass swiftly for those who fail to plan and manage their time wisely. It’s imperative for you to do anything productive before a day ends since it’s impossible to wind back. This is where the importance of having a daily schedule pays off. By having a guide, you won’t miss on all the important activity that should be done a certain day. However, others find it hard to follow a daily schedule due to various reasons. Some quit out of boredom while a few simply lack motivation. We should all be constantly reminded that the success of a daily schedule relies mostly on commitment. Seek for an inspiration enough to urge you in strictly following your daily schedule. It can be your family, life part, a delicious treat, or anything that can stimulate you to move like no other.

3. Jim Rohn

Life is a never-ending learning process. Only death marks the end of our growth as a whole. This fact alone should be enough to seek for meaningful knowledge and skills every day. We should experience life firsthand by travelling and taking on all sorts of activities. Challenges will never cease as they make life more meaningful. Can you imagine a life without worries, fears, and doubts? It’s meaningless to live on a perfect world as it will surely take away all our motivations. Be thankful of what you have today and use them to acquire more while passing through one challenge in life after another. Never stop from searching and learning since it’s the only way to fully enjoy the wonders of life!

Dwight D. Eisenhower

4.Dwight D. Eisenhower

Forcing someone to do an errand will only lead to half-baked work. How they motivate separates excellent leaders from those who just claim they are. Time is a witness that leadership is not all about delivering enticing words but convincing action. As a leader, there’s no better way to encourage your members to move other than showing them how it is done. It’s really simple. If you want your members to be punctual, you must always be earlier than them. Words, regardless how beautiful and inviting, are empty without action. Successful leaders don’t even need to utter a single word in keeping their members motivated. This is not magic but a manifestation of true leadership. Such attitude can’t be learned through books or seminars but is molded from experience, hard work, and dedication.

John D. Rockefeller

5. John D. Rockefeller

There’s no specific road to success since all of us needs to go through varied paths. Simply following someone before you, won’t work. You might end up getting what he had but such kind of success will never be enough to satisfy your hunger. Never settle and aim for something bigger. Have enough courage to venture on unexplored territories since it’s the only way to carve your own legacy. Nonetheless, this has to be done with careful planning. It is never wise to go on a war without preparing for weapons and ammunition’s. Educate yourself and acquire skills that can help you along the way. These investments may seem useless at this point but you’ll surely be thankful about allotting time, effort, and even money for them once you reap their benefits in the near future. Don’t ever let go to that dream despite the challenges. Be resilient, hard-working, and daring!

John F. Kennedy

5. John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy is among the greatest presidents that led America. It’s not a surprise given he knows the true meaning of fear and handles it with ease. He considers fear as something we should face rather than evade. All of us fear of something. Others are afraid to be alone in the dark; most of us can’t stand being in extremely high places, while a few are reluctant about the idea of death. Unlike what majority believes, fear is not a weakness. In fact, true strength springs out of fear. One can only realize the true meaning of bravery once he experienced fear and got out of it through unparalleled effort and determination.

Robert S. Schuller

7.Robert S. Schuller

Avid gamers can attest that problems are never indications that you need to stop but a hint that you’re doing things right. Most games today follow a scheme where you’ll need to face stronger monsters or harder situations as your adventure goes on. Ending up on a very hard quest only means you are bound on the right path. This ideology is very applicable in real life. You are bound to face a lot of life challenges along the way but worry not since it’s basically how things go. Consider them not as hindrances but opportunities for growth. Learn from surpassing each of them and you’ll be more than ready to face anything that waits ahead. Don’t decide to stall just because a problem seems too much. There’s always a solution meant for every problem and all you need to do is figure it out.

Benjamin Franklin

8.Benjamin Franklin

There are a lot of motivational quotes out there and most that claim to be the best are quite long. Nevertheless, I believe that simple but high influential quotes are the best which is probably why this one made it to my list. This quote stresses out the importance of action. Words alone won’t turn into results if you don’t stand up and move. Despite the simplicity of this idea, a lot of us failed to live by it. Most of us are only good in making promises but in the end does not have what it takes to keep them. It’s imperative that we totally get rid of this bad habit if we aim for success. The mentality that promising words are enough to keep your dreams alive should be transformed into one that is rooted with action. Don’t just say it, do it!

Henry David Thoreau

9.Henry David Thoreau

Those who truly know the meaning of success never rest. They don’t look at themselves as superior to others but equally eager in seeking for more. Sadly, a lot of us tend to forget who we are even just after winning a small battle. We let our pride rule over and negatively influence our attitude. This sudden change can instantly lead us away from reaching our highest dreams in life so we should watch out. Humility is a common trait of successful men and it has proven by time. Keep your feet on the ground regardless how much you achieved today and you’ll surely never fall. What’s the point of being financially successful if you end up losing everything in return? We should all remember that happiness has no room in a life of selfishness, greed, and arrogance.

Sasha Cohen

10.Sasha Cohen

So why did I choose this as the best motivational quote? It’s simple. Success in life will be pointless if you end up bedridden due to health issues. Take care good of body! This is a crucial factor that many of us seem to disregard nowadays. Working non-stop and defying health advice’s from experts just to achieve your goals is not meaningful. Never gamble health for anything or you’ll surely end up with great regrets later on. As much as possible, spend some time to relax and get rid of all the stresses you accumulated after a week of hard work. Some think of this as a waste of time but it’s definitely not! After relieving all your worries and stress, you are bound to be more effective in all your activities and do more. This is not a secret but a blunt reality that majority of us ignore. Health is and will always remain among our greatest wealth!


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