To Be, Or To Do, That Is The Question…

To Be, Or To Do, That Is The Question

One of the most common things I have been seeing lately in clients and friends, that I would like to approach today, is what I call “To-be-or-to-do Dilemma“. I have been observing this phenomenon for a while, and noticed it is more frequent than I thought, which made me realize it was also reflecting a part of me – hence, I’m guilty of it too! -. So, what does this mean exactly?

To begin with, the majority of us are in the “Doing” mode. An by this, I mean that there seems to be an internal thirst to constantly be doing something, no matter what, in order to justify our existence. I’m not saying we shouldn’t do anything at all, as we are all here to experience life in full, whatever that means for each of us. Actually, I am referring to the particular guilt we feel when we are not “doing”, and therefore, not feeling productive.

We have become out of balance by always doing and trying to achieve high productivity levels, and in that path, we have forgotten that “To Be” is as important as “To Do”. When we do, we are in active mode, taking actions towards our goals, making things happen, we direct our lives. But this in excess can make us become controlling, faking it until we make it, not allowing flow, hustling, pushing, struggling. A whole lot of resistance and stress here. Whereas when we are, as the clear opposite, we are able to sync into receiving, energy flows, allowing the Universe to arrange the highest good of all, for each of us. The path of least resistance.

Like everything in life, there has to be a proper balance and harmony between both complementary aspects. It is indeed obvious that we do need to take action if we want to achieve things, but what I am suggesting here is that you also take time to experience “Be/Receive” mode, to rest and recharge energy, to meditate about your wellbeing, if what is going on in your life is aligned with your soul desire, and to enjoy and feel pleasure for being alive (haven’t we all signed up for that after all?). In that case, we will be able to act from inspiration and not from obligation. And what is more important, don’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself!

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OK, then, how do we spot this? A good way of identifying which side you are sitting on is by looking at the current events taking place in your life. Are you in one of those moments that you say “Please! Give me a break!”? If so, that would be your biggest clue that there’s something you need to change. It is Law of Attraction at its best. You are attracting it because you are acting from resistance, and not from pleasure or joy.

There will be times the Universe will let you know it’s time to act, and other times, to relax. Life is succession of activity and passivity. “Rejection is God’s protection”, “What happens is what is convenient for us”, they say. It is the Universe telling you this is clearly not the way. Trust it (or your Angels, Guides, Spirits from the other side) that it will have something better for you, so don’t keep trying what it is not working anymore and needs to fall apart for better things to come in. Come into receptiveness, allow things to flow, and they will change soon. Just be.

To round this up, I’d like to leave you with a Coaching question to reflect on it:

What is this constant need of doing something trying to fill in in me?

I’d love to hear your comments!

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels


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