Tips On A Manifestation That Actually Works…

Tips On A Manifestation That Actually Works

-The first rule is to have faith and patience in what your trying to manifest . Faith and patience is key to success

-Think and be very clear on what you want to manifest with a pure intentions in your mind of the manifestation.

-Then write what you want down on a paper or in a journal, and Do Not share it with no one.

-Find a peaceful quiet place or room make sure you will not be distracted. You can also light a candle , and use some incenses if you have some.

– Next you can sit down and make sure your comfortable spot ,and close your eyes and clear your mind.

-After you clear your mind visualize in your mind what you want to manifest and how its going to benefit you positively. Then meditate on it for as long as you feel, but I would say at least 25 to 30 minutes. (using  crystals  is optional its up to.)

-Lastly after you done give it to the universe don’t  keep worrying about it everyday and let it happened  in divine time. You can also take action steps to making your manifestation come true too. You should never stress about it will happened as long as you believe and start making more is possible.

 That is the keys to a successful manifestation.


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Laronda Gordany born and raised in Norfolk Virginia. Mother of two and army wife. She study and become a certified…

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