Tips For A Happy Married Life…

Tips For A Happy Married Life

Patience, honesty, care and trust are the major ingredients for a perfect happy marriage. People get married so that they can live life full of love, peace and happiness. But does it happen all the time? Everyone has different points of view, thinking processes, opinions and to live a happy married life, one has to accept his/her spouse the way they are.

How can you have a successful marriage? By giving your marriage your full attention and time. By putting just a little extra effort to understand each other. Marriage is a lifelong bond between two people, hence one should nurture it accordingly. Initially everything is good between a husband and wife, but as the time passes, you start to see faults in each other. Slowly negativity starts to creep into your interactions causing a small drift between the two of you, eventually becoming big overtime.

Param Pujya Dadashri gives some practical tips to maintain a happy married life by helping solve any kind of conflict. Difference of opinions between a husband and wife will always exist, but obtaining the right understanding on how to adjust in each situation and how to apply the right knowledge to resolve the conflict is key.

In His entire married life, Param Pujya Dadashri never had a single difference of opinion with His wife. His thinking was that you could never be happy by making other people miserable. You can be happy if you give happiness to others. Conflict arises between a husband and wife due to jealousy, possessiveness, attachment and expectations. So how can you avoid conflicts between the two of you? You reap what you sow, in the same way the more you trust and understand each other, you will attain more fruitful results.

In today’s world, people try to change the way their spouse thinks, in order to adjust his/her nature, but that does not happen because everyone has different points of view, thinking pattern and opinions. No two people can think alike. Param Pujya Dadashri gives a new vision by asking you to adjust your nature and make it suitable to your spouse’s nature to avoid any hassles that might arise otherwise. To be able to take adjustment in any situation is the sign of right knowledge He says.

Akram Vignan, a spiritual science gives simple and practical successful marriage advice, which can save one’s marriage. By understanding and applying this practical science in our daily life, not only will your conflicts be resolved, but also your relationship will be peaceful. There will not be the slightest trace of prejudices and negativity for each other, thus resulting in a simpler, healthy, happy, and successful marriage.


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