Time To Reinvent Myself: Honor The Body…

Time To Reinvent Myself: Honor The Body

Around 1979 (as a young teenager) my journey in teaching group exercise began and continues today. From teaching high-impact, Z-Box Fitness, ZEN mat fusion classes, to customized programs, my passion was to always help others reach their fitness goals. Along with my twin-sister, daughter, and awesome team’s hard work, over 10,000 clients joined us on this long Fitness Motivators’ journey. We are humbly honored that clients trusted us to motivate and teach them fitness.

Throughout the years, we consistently lectured women to love their bodies, their natural curves and not to push themselves to the extreme because society expects us all to look a certain way. Today, this needs to be reiterate more than ever! We were never told what happens to a woman’s body when you constantly jump, run, or kickbox. I thought I was invincible. We all think we are invincible when we are young. It is imperative to honor your body now.

As we grow older, we need to embrace change.

Our body changes that we cannot avoid. Our lifestyle choices may speed or slow down the process. Unfortunately, my love for exercising was thrown an unexpected curve this past Spring. I fell one morning as I was running. Since I had periodic pain in my hip for several months prior to the fall, I thought I had better get a MRI. The MRI revealed two labrum tears and hip joint osteoarthritis. To avoid a hip replacement, I was told to never kickbox or run again. No more pounding, plyometric exercises again.

My life changed. Depression quickly emerged and I had no clue how I would be able to teach a quality class again, a lifelong passion. I did not allow myself to stay depressed for very long. It is up to me to live, or allow this injury to live my life. Mind over matter.

I persevered and accomplished this goal.

Shortly after the MRI, my daughter told me that her studio was offering their first 200-Hrs Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program. This was something that I always wanted to add to my list of credentials and an item on my bucket list. I signed up instantly.

YTT was definitely out of my comfort zone. This time I was a student instead of the leader. The commute was far each week and I questioned myself a few times if this was even worth it. Mainly because I felt invisible and after all, I am an established fitness professional so why was I putting myself through this additional hard work and stress in between my crazy schedule? It tested me often to not take anything personally (from The Four Agreements book that a dear friend invited me to read). Nevertheless, after 14 weeks I finished! I am now a registered yoga teacher!

It was time to reinvent myself.

The YTT journey was not at all, what I expected. I was hoping to learn more about yoga poses and adjustments. Instead, I learned more about my new, intended journey and myself. Yoga introduced a new way to respond to daily challenges and events. It opened my mind to see my mat as a personal space to grow spiritually and physically. That combined with others on their mats, we are all the same. Yoga is a journey inward. We all experience solitary periods in each practice.

I still teach my classes, but with modifications (as our team preached to thousands throughout the years!). As for my yoga journey, I plan to teach yoga by bringing each participant’s full potential and true-self to be visible, and use yoga as a tool to get there.

It is time to appreciate what we have and to take the best care of it now.

Our bodies. Our souls. The connection is so strong, together we can accomplish anything.

Honor your body.


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