Time Heals – But Why

Time heals. Yes most of us have experienced this to some degree.

But as I pondered on ‘Times’ secret… “Why – How does ‘Time’ heal” …

I discovered that the healing agent is not ‘time’ as it appears – but Non Resistance!

Initially, in moments of crisis, we are in great resistance to what has happened (or not). We resist the event, try to change it, question it, fight it even, and there is pain and sorrow… the pain is of the resistance to what is.

However, with ‘time’, as an event increasingly becomes the ‘past’, we have to increasingly face the situation: as we have no choice in being able change it!! And as we increasingly face this … as we come to terms with the fact that we can’t change something or fight it – in this choice less awareness of what is – resistance decreases and falls away…

As the pain was to resistance, in this falling away of resistance, in non resistance, great healing occurs…

So it not time that heals

But moving along with it

In Non resistance is the freeing and healing agent!

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