Tibetan Bone Jewelry: Spiritual Works Of Art…

Tibetan Bone Jewelry: Spiritual Works Of Art

Tibetan Bone Jewelry

Tibetans are one of the few groups of people on the planet that have survived the comings and goings of countless forms of empires, dictators, and kings…and now even communism. Despite this, not much has changed in their way of life since the 7th century. They are a people with strong nomadic roots, following the doctrines and principles of the Buddhist philosophy so prevalent in their country.

Living Moment to Moment

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Tibetan Monk

Where do the Tibetans get their resilience? Most likely this is from leading their simplistic and heart-felt lifestyles. From dawn til dusk, their minds are mainly occupied with the moment…herding animals, obtaining food, and preparing for seasonal changes. And when they are not occupied with surviving, the next important task is finding inner enlightenment.

This is a huge part of the culture and envelopes everything they do. Many Tibetans travel regularly to Buddhist temples; It is a way of life to make regular pilgrimages to quietly meditate or chant on holy grounds that were once walked by their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.

The Bone Jewelry of Tibet

Tibetans don’t have many riches, but what they lack in wealth they make up for with heart. Their spirituality transfers into much of their lives, and influences everything they wear…including their handmade jewelry.

Tibetan bone jewelry is usually made from domesticated Yaks that have passed from natural causes. 

This is a beautiful way to embrace the Buddhist philosophy because every time a practitioner looks down they are reminded of the impermanence of life. Artisans create intricate carvings of spiritual symbols in the bone and bring it to monks to receive blessings, often times using the jewelry in their own mantras or chants. But what they do not use themselves, they sell in order to make a living. This allows these hardworking people to make a valuable income creating beautiful pieces of spiritual art to be enjoyed by many people around the world.



While the work ethic and strength of the Tibetan people is to be admired, there is an inescapable fact that Tibetans know very well: they could not survive without the Yak. Yaks are strong, Ox-like animals that are needed for nearly every facet of the Tibetan people’s lives. It’s used for transportation, clothing, food, and farming. Similar to the cow in India, the Yak is highly revered and is almost thought of as a deity.

Giving the Tibetans a Hand

At Sivana, we are honored to help these hardworking people make a living by hosting their products on our site. We believe that they are powerful tools to help us find inner guidance and remind us that when the world is crazy there is an inner retreat we can go to. This is why we use bone jewelry from Yaks that have passed away from natural means because we believe it supports the highest vibration for spiritual living. And while every part of a Yak is used upon death, it is our job to make sure we uphold a standard of integrity. As time goes by, we intend to expand upon our offerings as much as possible, because we believe the mark of a conscious company is to represent those that are making a real difference in the world.


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