5 Reasons Tibet Is The Spiritual Destination You Need to Visit…

5 Reasons Tibet Is The Spiritual Destination You Need to Visit

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Beautiful Scenery

Some of the most expansive and awe-inspiring views can be found in this rugged country.

After all, the Himalayas live here.

Glaciers, mountains, snow covered hills- it’s like something out of a movie.

And at night, there’s zero light pollution, which means the stars are incredibly bright.

Without a doubt, the scenery is some of the best in the world.

Ancient Culture

Tibetans are one of the few people in the world that seek to live and preserve every aspect of their traditional lives.

Tibetans learn Chinese as a second language, and converse with one another in their own native tongue.

On top of that, their entire economy is virtually self-sufficient.

So basically, when you’re visiting, it’s important to recognize you’re basically entering a time machine.

Spiritual Depth

Tibet can be the ultimate getaway from modern living.

With their dedication to ancient culture and Buddhist lifestyle, tourists often comment on how uplifted they feel by simply visiting a few days.

The combination of simplicity in lifestyle, Buddhist rituals, and spiritual discipline often leave people feeling charmed and spiritually rejuvenated.

Untouched Land

Because of the high altitude and Tibetan’s dedication to preserving their culture, there is very little pollution.

Not only that, there are lots of endangered plants and animals under protection.

And hey- who doesn’t want to ride a Yak at least once in their lives!


Tibetans pride themselves on making a bounty out of what little they have.

Considering the high elevation and arid landscape, it’s very challenging to grow a large amount of crops.

Yak milk and cheese form the backbone of their diet, with specialties such as momos (dumplings), breads, Tibetan noodle soup, and herbs and spices giving their dishes a unique flavor.


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