Three Tips To Balance Your Mental Health…

Three Tips To Balance Your Mental Health

The last two years have added stress on virtually everyone. It’s safe to say that we were all affected in some way from COVID-19—whether those impacts were big or small. For some, walking away from the last two years is something that you can do unscathed. For many, the road is much longer.

As year two comes to a close and the worst of the pandemic has seemingly passed, it’s important to check in with your mental health and make sure you are doing the active work.

Below are three steps to ensure you are working toward a balanced life and mental health.

1. Consume Media Purposely

Sometimes it’s important to keep up on current events and things happening around the world. Other times, it actually does more harm than good. According to a 2022 survey, consuming media is the leading cause of health-related anxiety for 14% of Americans, and over 55% have avoided the media due to concerns about increasing health-anxiety.

This is all to say, the media can have harmful effects on your mental health and overconsumption can lead to added stress. It’s OKAY to be out of the know sometimes, and your mental health is more important than knowing about news events. Take a step away from news apps, or shut off news notifications, if you notice increased anxiety.

2. Spend Time With Nature

Nature is healing. Whether you feel the effects right away or not, spending time outdoors consistently will do wonders to improve your clarity and mental health. In fact, over 1 in 2 people feel more calm after spending time outdoors, and over 22% say it improves their mental health.

This isn’t to say that parking yourself outside for 30 minutes will yield the peace and tranquility you need—Often, nature can be used in conjunction to other practices. Try pairing a 30 minute yoga session with nature, or opt for a quick meditation session listening to the birds.

This is not an overnight fix, but nature can be truly wonderful for creating a peaceful environment.

3. Do One Good Thing For Yourself a Day

This one isn’t as hard or daunting as it sounds. Doing a good thing for yourself doesn’t mean running a mile each day, or only consuming organic foods. Those things may be great for some people, but a good thing is one that inspires and makes you feel accomplished.

Maybe one good thing to do each day is giving out a compliment, whether it’s to a friend, stranger, or to yourself. Perhaps it makes you feel good to throw a ball around with your dog. Each day, practice accomplishing one task that makes you feel good.


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