What Is The Thousand Petaled Lotus?…

What Is The Thousand Petaled Lotus?

The Thousand Petaled Lotus

If you’ve ever practiced yoga or heard about yoga, you’ve probably heard of the word “chakras”.

These are swirling discs of energy in the spine that every person carries in their etheric body.

The goal of life, it is said in Hinduism, is to open and align these energy points in order to achieve enlightenment. It’s believed that even on a subconscious level, these energy points are known by everyone because it’s from these points that we are able to experience things like love, happiness, contentment, and grief.

When chakras are out of alignment, a person can feel disconnected and unhappy. When they’re aligned, joy and contentment seem to flow naturally.

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Lifting the Kundalini

To balance the chakras and find enlightenment, a person must lift the kundalini energy in the base of the spine all the way to the brain. Once this happens, the energy that’s locked up in the body becomes released and new experiences come to the practitioner.

But this isn’t the final step.

After this happens continuously for a long period of time, the last (and most important) step is to open up the final chakra- the thousand petaled lotus.


The Final Chakra

So if this chakra is the most important, why is it not always displayed in chakra diagrams? That’s because it only becomes apparent after a practitioner becomes highly advanced. Before that, the crown chakra isn’t even noticeable. 

After careful and deep meditation on this final chakra, it gradually begins to open, giving fully enlightenment to the practitioner.

It’s said when this happens, the individual can come and go as they see fit, leaving the body whenever they desire to go to higher realms.

Conquering Death

At death, the fully-realized-yogi leaves consciously through the thousand petaled lotus, without struggle; they’re fully aware that it’s their time to leave the world.

This is known as maha-samadhi, or “great samadhi”.

It’s said this final samadhi makes the very top of the head warm/hot and the feet cold because all the remaining prana is drawn out through the crown chakra. The soul then has the choice to merge with spirit, or come back to help others find enlightenment (become an avatar). This is why the thousand petaled lotus is the most important chakra; because through it, death is mastered and suffering is ended!


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