Thoughts On Spirituality…

Thoughts On Spirituality

Our ego seeks constant gratification through material things in this world. We know that many get trapped in it while others choose to distance themselves tagging materialism as deplorable.The judgement applied to deem something as good and bad will then show up again when they will be labelling those who linger in their attachment to mundane pleasures as impure.

After this sacrifice though, their ego will expect a reward and when their prayers aren’t answered the distance will appear between them and what they call God. Because the ego always has expectations, even with God.

Religions seem to fit perfectly here in this system, stating that anger, jealousy, envy are bad for us that our body is impure and that God demands discipline reinforcing the concept of good and bad beefing up our ego.

The Divine couldn’t be such without encompassing what it is not.

In order to figure out what their house is like every person needs to step out to observe it from outside. This Perspective will then allow to recognise shapes, curves and through sadness, anger, doubt, happiness recognise the multiplicity of its inhabitants. Different points of view that are there to be observed, to be loved.

Knowing yourself through knowing others without judgment, this is the first step to love and unity to what I call spirituality. Whatever creates separation can’t be defined as spiritual. Inclusion is the foundation of our universe and love is its tool.

So many people today say they would like to change the world without realising that the moment they say it they are expressing one of the strongest judgments. Why would your idea of the world based on your values of good and bad be better than what it is already, based on somebody else’s rating system.

That’s why our politicians keep promising better and more just worlds and societies and we always fall for it. It is time to be more than spirituel, it is time to be spiritual and one way to start this is through acceptance.

Acceptance means being present and giving up judgement, it means giving up opposition and focus on unity, giving up fight and encouraging relationships.

Praying and meditating can be powerful tools when they allow us to get rid of the veils that are covering our eyes, that are covering our light and which for far too long hasn’t allowed our core to shine.

There is no world to control, no world to wall off and the moment we will embrace all the reality that surrounds us in every single aspect, from what we think is bad to what we think is good, acting inclusively, then we will probably see what we have never seen before.

This is the greatest power we all have as spiritual beings in a material world.


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