Thoughts Create Desires But Feeling And Emotions Create Thoughts? Is This Correct?…

Thoughts Create Desires But Feeling And Emotions Create Thoughts? Is This Correct?

Thoughts get Created from Opinions

Thoughts are coming from mind.

When one gives any opinion, accordingly karmic atoms get charged. These charged karmas represent themselves in the form of mind in one’s next life.

Mind is Nothing but a Collection of All our Past Life’s Opinions

In our mind, whatever thoughts are coming, they are because in the past, we have given some opinion to that effect. When we gave an opinion, at that time, we charged some karmic atoms. And these charged atoms, when due for discharge, give the result in the form of thought. At the time of discharge, we can see that thought.

Suppose I had an opinion that, ‘I want to drink tea.’ If my opinion is for tea, consequently, in the morning when I wake up, I will want tea. And if my opinion would have been for coffee, then all the time, my mind will show that, ‘I want coffee.’ So depending on my opinion in past life, in this life the mind will work and create thoughts in accordance with my past opinions.

From time immemorial, people have formed and bound opinions. This is precisely why the mind has come into existence. Different types of opinions such as ‘this is good, that is bad, these people are useless, it is worth making money’ are formed, and they are the fundamental reason why the mind has come into existence. If we stopped forming opinions, then the mind would stop creating thoughts.

Thus, thoughts are created because we form and bind opinions.

When the Desire Arises, You Know that an Opinion Has Been Formed for That

When the desire arises, you know that an opinion has been formed for that. That opinion should be let go of. If the opinion for the desire that has arisen is not changed, then the opinion remains. The opinion that, ‘There is happiness in this (for which desire arises)’ remains. And hence the desire shall arise once again.

Desire is like fire. Any kind of desire that arises is like setting cotton on fire with a matchstick. As long as it is not quenched, the misery and pain on account of it remains; the feelings and emotions remain turbulent. It is when one’s desire is fulfilled that he feels satisfied.

Now, if we wish that the desire does not arise again, we simply need to change the opinion that, ‘There is no happiness in this (for which desire has arisen).’

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an enlightened being, describes how the state of an Enlightened One is:

He does not have any desire at all! This is because after eating sweet, the desire to drink tea becomes insipid. [One will say,] “I don’t want to drink it now, leave it. My mouth is getting spoilt.”

Similarly, all the interests of worldly life dissolve; no desire remains at all (after enlightenment)!

If your opinions have left, then the daunting thoughts stop

Param Pujya Dadashri says:

“I do not have any opinions for anyone in the world. If someone says I am worthless, then I don’t have any bad opinion for him, and if someone showers flowers on me, I don’t have any good opinion for him. We do not have any kind of opinion. (It is because) we see you only through the elemental Vision (the enlightened vision that you are really a pure Soul); we do not have any need for any other discriminating vision (that you are good or bad, intelligent or dumb, beautiful or ugly). Even if you hurl abuse at me or hit me, I would not See you through any other Vision (but the enlightened vision).”

This means the enlightened vision is the key to get rid of all opinions. And when we have no opinions, creation of thoughts automatically ceases.

“We do not have opinions about anyone and hence our mind has come to an end. It has exhausted. Nevertheless, the mind functions. Our mind functions just like a fan rotates. It does not get stuck anywhere. It does not linger anywhere even for one second at any one place. The mind will certainly be there all the way to the end, but the mind does not cause any distress at all.”

To conclude:

If we too want to attain such an enlightened state that is void of opinions, and hence free of desires and the emotional pangs, we must go to the Enlightened One, and with His grace attain the enlightened vision through Self-Realization.

Just like if we want to light our candle, going to a lit candle makes our task easy and effortless, similarly if we want to enlighten our Soul (attain Self-Realization), going to the Enlightened One makes this uphill task very easy and effortless!!!


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