Those Shoes Are My Antidepressant!…

Those Shoes Are My Antidepressant!

The world has felt a little crazy and disconnected as of late. In a divisive environment, it is often easy to bury ourselves in our own interests and material wants and needs in order to keep feeling safe and free from any possible vulnerability.

When I first joined Pinterest, you actually had to be invited by somebody and in the beginning, I loved it! I learned so many different ways to clean my house and organize my kitchen, but I also came to realize how many things I didn’t have that I absolutely needed. I would see a cute pair of shoes and this feeling would come up in me… a desire would seriously begin to build up. I HAD TO have those darn shoes – I wouldn’t be complete without them?! I needed MORE… more stuff so that I could feel worthy, sexy – and even complete. After a while, I realized all of the yearning was actually only making me feel incomplete.

I know well that all of the answers are within, but I also know the power of material therapy – and sometimes it can actually last for weeks. Those shoes can be pretty powerful!

Fortunately, I got clear on what was happening for me and now I now only jump on Pinterest for recipes or quick inspiration…

But…. How many of us find ourselves feeling like we continually need more – based almost solely on advertisements or other people’s social media posts?

I, for one, am grateful that I DON’T keep up with the Kardashians. I am grateful to be happy for my friends’ achievements and successes on social media but – dang! – it sometimes really seems like those shoes are going to give me the perfect body, uplift my mood, and give me all the confidence and intelligence I desire!

We are conditioned to believe that this STUFF is the new antidepressant which, in and of itself, is quite depressing really.

Where is our satisfaction in the meaning of life coming from?

We all know – without a doubt – that the STUFF is not working. It is only temporary.

Fulfillment is NEVER found in physical matter.

When we live in lack, we feel lack – and our thoughts support lack. So how can we help fill the void that promotes this icky feeling?


When we allow for connection, we feed our soul. If we open our energy to receive – instead of putting up protective walls, we get energized. My husband laughs at all the people I know, but he gets me.

I know my mail carrier and garbage collector by name, along with most of my neighbors. It has taken very little effort to create that connection and, rather than feeling like a drain as many may expect, it is actually very energizing! I take the time to connect because it feeds my soul. It lifts my energy. It is one of my antidepressants.

I’m not suggesting that you simply “give your energy away,” especially if you are an introvert, but I am recommending that you allow for connection.

I will always and forever say you have to love yourself first so that you’re not giving part of you away, but I also know that connection can clear some serious energy. This realization presents an incredible opportunity to shift the antidepressant “Band-Aids” that we have been using!

An authentic sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves feeds the soul.

Be a helper! Be a giver! Let others know that they matter!

Remember, this has to come from the heart. If it comes from the ego, you will never be fulfilled! You will know the difference if you are attached to how someone receives your gifts. Try your best to detach from the outcome and to just give and connect from the heart!

Mantra: I am connecting and giving from my heart.


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Dena Gould


Dena is a Spiritual Impetus who is inspired to help people achieve fulfilling, happy lives through self-exploration, intuitive energy balancing…

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