This Week’s Oracle Message…

This Week’s Oracle Message

Hi guys! As usual, I took the Oracle Cards for inspiration on what the message for all of us this week is. Also asked the Angels and Guides for their assistance on this message and interpretation, and to be honest, I am always amazed how accurate and opportune the messages are (yep, can’t get used to it!). Hope you find it applicable for your life as well, so here it goes!

To start with, we have the Six of Water together with Cornucopia. It feels to me that we are all missing our old ‘normality’, there is certain melancholy about what we perceive as past abundance we no longer have amongst us. Basically, we stay as if all the good things we used to have (and probably forgot to be thankful for at the time…) are definitely gone, which could lead us to feel anxious about it, as shown on the Anxiety card. Truth to be told, we cannot wait for this global situation to go away! There is no clear finish line for this, we are all in this together, feeling the same, not knowing when it will finally be solved. Which means, a PhD in Patience is required for all Humanity.

However, the Nine of Water is pretty promissory. It indicates that – if we are not on that already – we are very close to finding relief in our present moment and daily lives. I believe we are all currently developing coping skills as a result of this, and that we do have to go through this process. Otherwise, if the circumstances differed, we would not be able to master these abilities. It might seem pretty insignificant from each one’s perspective, but if you imagine the whole Humanity undertaking this path, certainly an energetic shift is at hand. It is well known that every crisis portrays an opportunity, to either change or leave behind what no longer serves us. And I truly believe we are on our way there. It has been a great time for introspection and self-development, as well as re-sorting our priorities.

The following cards are just the sweetest. The Hostilities card is in reverse, which to me appears as if any sort of violence, or hard times, or conflict with oneself or others, are being overcome. The Star is symbolizing a future full of hope and happy times. This card itself indicates we are on the right track. And if this was not enough, we got the Heart’s Desires card as the ‘Purpose’. It literally says:

The Angels are supporting, guiding, and protecting you as your dreams become a reality

This is a confirmation that Angels, Universe, Guides, Loved Ones on the other side, Spirit, Higher Self, you name it, are constantly guiding us and ensuring we are getting to the right port, giving their support to us when most needed.

Last but not least, the reflection card is The Great Gathering. Please, have a look at it yourself:

It gives the impression that we are all coming together in this. Worldwide. Not only we will reunite with our loved ones, but also all kinds of relationships will be reformed, and we will all find our soul mates, tribes, and like-minded people to share this new future, leaving the ones that no longer resonate with us behind. The Universe is encouraging to do so. A nice sense of community and belonging, driven by our own intuition, to help us achieve each one’s purpose. Connections at Soul level, with higher Consciousness. It will all be worth it. So if you’ve been feeling low, just hang in there! Things are going to get so interesting!

To give you an inspiration, I’d like to leave a question to reflect on:

What is your role in this worldwide process going to be?

That’s all for today. I really hope you enjoyed this message as much as I did, and would love to hear your thoughts about this message.


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