This Is For The Person Who Needs Motivation – Understanding The Power Of Perseverance…

This Is For The Person Who Needs Motivation – Understanding The Power Of Perseverance

“In our sufferings, there is glory,” President Obama has said. “Because we know that suffering produces perseverance. And in perseverance, character. And in character, hope.” The President quoted these media-revisited biblical verses in an interfaith service for fallen police officers in July 2016 to pacify many who grieved.

Such verses and our own experiences demonstrate that in difficult times while we may not feel our suffering has meaning, we should never underestimate the power of perseverance. We may question our strength, feel our patience tested, and wrestle closely with hopelessness, but through perseverance can return to times of ease and joy with stronger character and more hope than before.

Certainly, challenges in life will come and go. Perhaps some of us feel the challenges will not end in the near future. To those who want to make meaning out of suffering, remember that you are not alone. Second, remember that yes, suffering may not reveal its meaning to you immediately, but if you persevere through it, you will find self-confidence and a moral compass in life. Above all, your understanding of life will increase, your wisdom will blossom.

Building a solid character does not necessarily mean you need suffer, however, gratefulness and self-value flow out of gradual recovery from difficulty. You get to see how tough you are. Gratefulness for our relationships multiplies once we understand that love and hope complement one another in our hearts. The path to a life full of appreciation, love, good character, success and achievement ultimately is derived from our roots—the stronger our roots become, the further outward our integrity and character shine and bloom. The beautiful flowers of a unique personality are showcased to the world. May your roots always reach for the heavens.

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This article–written by Najma Khorrami–was originally published on The Huffington Post Contributor’s platform.


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