There Is Nothing Wrong With You…

There Is Nothing Wrong With You

a story

Once upon a time, a young person drew fervently on construction paper, using the boldest colors and biggest shapes. The images that began in this young person’s mind appeared like magic on the page, without correction, without edit, without reservation. The creation was a gift to the world and not about the reaction.

When this person grew a little older, they began to notice others’ judgements. Whether to fit in or do what feels instinctually right became the choice. Perhaps the person suffered. Perhaps there was hesitant assimilation, or perhaps the perception of loneliness that can sometimes come with authenticity.

Either path led to a similar place of decision-making later in life. A magnification of the same dilemma—to assimilate or reach wider, to stay safe or branch out? The fear of exposing one’s self to myriad perspectives arose. There were so many perspectives that this young adult had to create their own meaning.

As the young adult grew older, health concerns waved mortality in front of them. They either hoarded or threw caution into the wind. Perhaps they felt safe and wanted to keep what was familiar. Perhaps they felt there was nothing to lose. Then came a crossroads, and the older person saw a little clearer; the life lessons piled up and were stored in the backroom, to be mined as needed.

Where this person’s joy, pain, regret and pride differed came down to how they viewed the world and their choices. It hinged on acceptance, forgiveness and inner knowing. The perspective at this stage, with each decision looming, and with each year shortening, didn’t eliminate the magic deep within.

No matter the decisions, previous perspectives or challenges, the beauty is that there is always now. And right now, there is nothing wrong with you. Dive deep into self-expression. Find that magic that allows you to be bold and big and bright. That allows you to create without worry or expectation.

This divinity is so ingrained that it will return, again and again. It is always there to access. The journey is not over, it is just beginning.

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