There Is A Shift In Consciousness…

There Is A Shift In Consciousness

Have you been noticing that the collective consciousness appears to be shifting? It is like it’s shifting into polar opposite energies.

Many of us are beginning to finally experience a lightness in our energy. We are choosing to focus on what is good again. We are creating hope within ourselves even though the outside world is not supporting or giving us much hope. We are choosing to stop reading the headlines and focusing on what we can control. We are taking the time to be with ourselves more and embrace our energies.

We are embracing the light again!

I am also witnessing others who are experiencing some very traumatic experiences. I think some of this is coming from subconscious beliefs and the negative influences of the world, but I also, wholeheartedly feel that past energies are being cleared out based on these experiences. Not necessarily “negative” karma, but some of these heavy experiences are causing many to dig deep and understand why.

When we dig deep, we slowly shift on the energy scale and raise our vibration.

All of this is happening in double time and that is why it appears to be so damn challenging. But as we move with it, we are coming to an understanding that we are sincerely the creators of our lives.

If you are experiencing challenges, please pull out “basics” to shift this:

  • Ask, what is the lesson here? What can I learn from this? Sometimes you may not see it but allow yourself to trust it.
  • Don’t get stuck here. CHOOSE to focus on what you have control over and embrace the good.
  • Gratitude! Always come back to gratitude. Everything is a vibration, so focusing on the good brings in more good.

If you feel that you have already moved into this “light space,” then hang on. Better yet, grab your fellow lightworker. Lock arms and begin moving forward. Visualize this. Visualize all of us connected and shining. I am not saying to take on anyone’s energy. That is not what this is about. JUST BE YOU!

Remember who the hell you are! You do not need to fix anyone’s thinking or actions. Just be you and shine. We all benefit by being in your LIGHT!

So keep doing what you’re doing:

  • Continue to focus on what is good
  • Continue to set boundaries to keep your vibration high
  • Continue to not take anything personally because it has nothing to do with you
  • Continue to BE YOU and everyone around you benefits


We have control over this moment. Let’s release the fear of the past and the anxiety of the future and focus on your happiness, your power, your light.


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Dena Gould


Dena is a Spiritual Impetus who is inspired to help people achieve fulfilling, happy lives through self-exploration, intuitive energy balancing…

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