There Is A Common Saying In Vipassana……

There Is A Common Saying In Vipassana…

Lord Buddha says,

All sankharas are impermanent.

When you perceive this with true insight,

Then you become detached from suffering;

This is the path of purification.

So, you are right! We are indeed not supposed to get attached to any situation and we must go with the flow of life. But how do we do that? Come, let’s understand…

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan shows the way, “Always remain in present!

How does one remain in present?

If you forget past, then you can remain in present.

Past is gone! So what will happen if you remember the past today? The loss of past is already there; moreover, you will lose the profit of the present too.

And what must we do if the past arises in our mind at the present moment?

We should say, ‘No, please come tonight at ten or eleven o’clock. I have kept one hour (fixed time) for this; so come at that time, we will settle all issues then, but not now.’ Even if the news of big loss of money comes, we should not miss out on the present.

Suppose you have an important case to handle in the court. You hurry to the railway station since you have to board a train to get there, but yet you miss the train.

Now, ‘I could not make it to the court’ is past, regarding which you cannot do anything presently. And ‘what will happen in the court?’ is future, which is in the control of Nature, and not yours. Therefore, remain in the present. When we forget the past and do not worry about the future, we can remain constantly in the present!

Param Pujya Dadashri shares with us how he himself remains in present, “(Suppose) I am taking a meal. At that time, you come to my place and you are waiting for me in the hall. Now, when someone comes and gives me the information that Chandubhai (you may insert your name here) has come; at that time, while I’m eating if memory of you sitting in the hall arises within, we tell the mind, ‘Come after some time. Right now let me finish eating.’ The information that ‘Chandubhai has come’ has become past. And we would remain in present. This dinner is in front of us right now. Therefore, we would tell, ‘Be at ease and eat this alphonso mango! Eat some but chew it well. We remain in the present. Nothing else but present only. That is why people say, ‘Dada, you are tension free.’”

“I say”, adds Dadashri, “Tension for what?! If one remains in the present, would there be any tension? Tension is for the one who gets lost in the past, and for the one who delves in the future. Why we would have tension? The Lord says, ‘One who continuously remains in present is a Gnani!!!’ I remain in present, and I also teach you to remain in present. Is there any problem in that? It is actually according to the law. The Lord has asked us to remain in the present only.”

Secondly, life situations are nothing but phases!

Whatever is in visible form is not eternal; it is temporary. Things which are eternal stay forever, but the phases they incite are continuously arising and ending. A phase arises and comes to an end; then another phase arises and ends. For instance, the phase of birth, the phase of youth, the phase of old age, the phase of eating, the phase of sleeping, the phase of studying, the phase of job or business, etc. – each phase comes and then is slowly destroyed.

However, the Soul is permanent; it has always remained the same. And that Soul is what we really are! Yes, the Soul is the Self. And therefore, Self-Realization is the primary purpose of human life. Hence, Krupaludev Shrimad Rajchandra has said, find the moksha data (bestower of liberation), the One who has attained Moksha (liberation) and who can bestow moksha upon us by gracing us with Self-Realization!

Thus, to conclude:

All life situations are temporary. Therefore, it’s time to realize what is permanent! And for that, an encounter with the bestower of liberation (Gnani, the Enlightened One) is all that is needed!!!


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