The World

The world exists in the mind. It has no reality apart from the appearance of things in relation to whatever position the physical body happens to be in at any time. From the moment of birth, experience and the gathering of emotionally-induced impressions create a working memory from which a psychological shape of the world is formed. The rough outline of the world is gradually filled in through the success and failure of the individual to achieve what it thinks will bring fulfilment and peace of mind. Nobody has ever succeeded in finding an uninterrupted state of freedom in such a venture – or ever will.

The lure of the world is its power of suggestion that attaches the vital energies of the inner being to the external projection of other minds and the momentum of human affairs. The global neurosis is intensified through the internet and worldwide news media. This is because the media magicians are sensationalists who surreptitiously agitate the body of humanity through the highs and lows of emotional excitation. The connection of the majority of the world’s population to an externalised source of electrical energy is an ominous sign for humanity.

Another word for the world is self, the external reflection of the inner beast. The world, like self, is no problem when it is understood and there is no expectation for it to give anything back of value or lasting goodness. Self or world arises in accordance with the development of the mind and time spent in existence. This is because the world is a sub-creation fashioned through the mind stuff of human conflict and wilful disregard for anything but itself or the greater good. The manufactured world supports the fury of myriads of little minds hell bent on imposing their own will in a movement of acquisition and greed called progress.

The world gathers momentum through the accumulative vibration of the psychic force behind the masses, which are emotionally stoked through the continual conflict of crossed desires and personal self-interest. The person itself arises from experience and is able to adopt countless disguises to deflect the cruelty and duplicity of other persons. Like the world, the person is a fraud and appears to be something that it isn’t. The end of the world is the death of the person that supports the shape of the world it imagines to be real.

Anything worth saying by our politicians, religionists and science professors has already been said. Every action of self-sacrifice that could possibly change the fate of humanity has been taken. The human race is stuck in a hole with no way out except to retrace the way back through the madness of its own making. But there’s no mass solution. Only the individual can make it; and the journey must be made alone.


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Lance Kelly

Lance Kelly is a spiritual teacher whose life for over twenty five years has been directed towards a deepening realisation…

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